December 28, 2010

Starting A Running Program

Turkey Digested?Good, lets run! I am getting re-inspired for my runs.  For those who might be looking at a change for their lives, who have to start something or face consequences of poor choices in activity levels or nutrition, a way to begin would be to talk to someone who has made those choices and succeeded before.  There are so many fads and regimes that come and go.  Running is a simple way and really, the most tried and true way for many people historically, so if you are contemplating starting something, go for it!

Some Tips For Beginning a New Running Pattern In Your Life:
  1. Start slowly.  I am one who needs to still tell himself over and over that lasting change happens gradually.  This is true for running.  This is also true for achieving a healthier body.  It took you this long to get where you are now, so giving yourself space and time to immerse in change is also necessary.  Overnight miracle cures to obesity can be dangerous and short-sighted!  I have burned myself out too many times going whole hog.  Here is a site that will help you achieve realistically.            Here is a snap shot of the ten weeks they outline for beginners:

    Week 1
    Run 2 minutes,
    walk 4 minutes.
    Repeat 5 times.

    Week 2
    Run 3 minutes,
    walk 3 minutes.
    Repeat five times.

    Week 3
    Run 5 minutes,
    walk 2.5 minutes.
    Repeat four times.

    Week 4
    Run 7 minutes,
    walk 3 minutes.
    Repeat three times.

    Week 5
    Run 8 minutes,
    walk 2 minutes.
    Repeat three times.

    Week 6
    Run 9 minutes,
    walk 2 minutes.
    Repeat twice, then
    run 8 minutes.

    Week 7
    Run 9 minutes,
    walk 1 minute.
    Repeat three times

    Week 8
    Run 13 minutes,
    walk 2 minutes.
    Repeat twice.

    Week 9
    Run 14 minutes,
    walk 1 minute.
    Repeat twice.

    Week 10
    Run 30 minutes.

    Note: After completing week 9, if you feel tired, repeat this week of training before moving on to week 10.
  3. Eating to Fuel.  This is a challenge for me even now after years of good choices and poor ones.  Resetting the internal gauge can take perseverance and insight.   I recommend trying to drive out most simple sugars if you are a snacker for a time.  Starting a running routine means your body will need appropriate fueling,  Thinking of your body as a machine, we need to put the right gas in it.  Crash diets do not help overall the patterns that have taken years to establish.  I am currently looking at what has crept back in to my regime and if it is necessary.
  4. Do what is enjoyable!  If running is not going to be appealing  over time, try a  few things to find out what works for you.  If repetition annoys you, shake it up, but with a plan in mind all the time of constant activity in the week.  Cross training is great for that.  Hitting the weights alongside running helps build muscle tone and increases you expenditure of energy, Thus improving BMI results more efficiently.
  5. Speaking of Body Mass Index (BMI), get calculated and know what your goal for you is.  This link will calculate your BMI for you.
  6. Last thing to say about the process to change is this:  It is not about the numbers.  It is about being healthy!  Enjoying yourself is therefore paramount.  It took me 6 months to lose a total of 16 pounds when i started running.  It was a slow start, but it was the activity itself that I had to focus on finding joy in, making as a part of the regime.  I still do this today, reevaluating my enjoyment of the sport, finding inspiration and new goals to reach.  It is always changing, just like me!  It took over a year to find that my BMI was in a state of maintenance rather than recovery.  This could be longer or shorter for you.

December 24, 2010

Post Marathon Pounds and Ho Ho Ho Lotta Work Ahead!

I don't really weighmyself very much,  we dont even own a scale!  When I was trying to get fit 4 years ago, I used the Wii Fit to calculate my numbers progress probably once a week or two.  Well, yesterday I was challenged to weigh myself at my mother's house.  I knew I had gained some weight as I have been slipping into eating more lately with second helpings and stress related eating with my new job. Also, to keep awake in the car for m y long commute, I snack!  That coupled with struggling to get my mileage in , blah blah blah I knew I would have gone up in weight.  YUP.  There was the number.  It is just a number , but is also a good reminder that my 37 year old body cannot keep scarfing down everything my eyes see!
Holidays begin now for me, but in actuality they began a month ago with baking available, work goodies sitting out waiting and parties to attend.  Did I mention I am a stress eater?  Well I am.
So I have about 10 pounds to work on over the winter/spring which is not too difficult, it has more to do with reasonable changes and enjoying myself.  That weight is the most healthy I feel, but its just a number and my health is more important as is enjoying myself when time calls for it.  Like tomorrow, turkey stuffing and ambrosia, you have met your match.  But only one serving. 
What are some of your vices you need to keep a lid on?  Lets rally and commiserate. 
My top ten favorite foods I need to keep tabs on:
  1. Turtles
  2. Turkey/ fixins
  3. gingerbread cookies
  4. ambrosia
  5. stuffing
  6. perogies ( I ate about 10 the other day!)
  7. caramel chocolate from the Pot O Golds
  8. eggnog
  9. eggnog lattes
  10. wine

December 18, 2010

Top Ten Stocking Stuffers For Runners

With Christmas right around the corner, I thought i would send out some gift ideas to those who are puzzled as to what to buy that guy or gal who has taken up running!
 Important to this writer is affordable stocking stuffers.  Unless you are impervious to the economy's conservative deffect, sticking a bunch of tiny big ticket items in a stocking is a bit ridiculous.
  1. Runner's World Magazine (I love getting something to flip through for the post-present opening daze.
  2. Running Gloves/skull cap
  3. Gu gels/Hammer gels
  4. Running socks (they will always go missing each year, perfect gift)
  5. Runner's ipod strap
  6. Reflector for night running
  7. Headlamp
  8. Running watch
  9. Neck protector for cold weather
  10. Book on Running or marathon(i.e. Chi Running, Born To Run)
  11. Road ID bracelet 
Okay, I just added an eleventh...sue me, but I thought of this as I need this one.  If Road ID is reading this, I am open to being sent samples :)

    December 17, 2010

    Crunchy New Snow Running

    Dark morningswith fresh snow give me a chance to take in a bit of Christmas cheer!  I love the sounds of fresh snow, the sparkle when under street lamps, how when snow gathers on the finest of branches.  It feels like a wedding veil on the earth!
    I only went 5 k today, but it was well enjoyed.  I kept under the light of the street lamps locally and thus can get my head into other things than hazards.  I did a bit of stretching my buttock as its been stiff especially in the morning.  Feels good all around.  Came home to our new house all decked out in Christmas cheer. 
    Happy Christmas Season!

    December 15, 2010

    piriformis care

    My runs have slowly increased in mileage, but twinges in the morning have been keeping them spaced out for recovery sake and intimate time with the ol softball to the buttocks.  
    My times have been a steady 4:04 minute km for my 15 k runs! Very exciting!  Th Th th-at's all i gotta say today!

    November 27, 2010

    Let ME Hear Your BODY TALK!

     He came he saw he kicked ass at the marathon.Then he rested.  This fall and now winter, I have seen a major decrease in my running mileage.  Usually I just plug away through this part of the year.  Much of it is because I have found it hard to get out at 530 or earlier.  Like, falling asleep on my WAY to work kind of difficulties.  It could have something to do with me staying up to watch the new show we love called FRINGE This week I stopped altogether because I felt my butt tighten in the piriformis, but I am not hobbling around, so I am giving myself much massage stretching and rest to prevent a full blown injury.  
    It is frustrating but a part of me is finding a bit of relief in just letting it be.  Sometimes your body talks, as Olivia Newton John sang in the eigthies.  LET ME HEAR YOUR BODY TALK!
    Rest is not inactive.  It is a discipline in itself.   Perhaps lately God is speaking to more than my body.  I am in an intense new position for  my career, as a mental health clinician and it requires all of my brain and heart and my spirit.  I come home just bagged, drowsy even as I drive home on the longest commute I have ever driven.  3 hours a day I listen to audio books, reflect on my day, my caseload, my family and pray and worship in my little blue car.
    I am resting and now my mind is starting to look forward to the next run when its time.  I think this is a good thing.  What is your body telling you?

    November 22, 2010

    Chi Running

    So I was going to blog about Chi running and how beneficial it has been for me to incorporate the style in my running. Then my piriformis started to tantrum it up.  I was thinking it was going to be hypocritical to sing the praises of this style if it hadnt benefitted me, but i have to say it has.  The whole last year has been injury free, really due to a change in my running style.  I am starting to feel tight in my butt, but it was only recently after the marathon that I felt the tightness, and my times have been extremely fast here and there, not so chi-like at all!  C
    hi Running is the use of smaller, quicker strides, leaning forward to put less stress on joints and muscles.  Here is something I gleaned from the subject:

    The Basics of Chi Running (from this site)

    ChiRunning focuses on posture, leg swing, the position of the pelvis and a forward lean. It's not a fluffy, hippie theory--it's based on the physics of body mechanics. Here are the basics:

    Run Tall. Think about this: When you're standing straight, your joints are in alignment and your skeleton is supporting your weight. When you run, you want to keep this alignment so your skeleton continues to be involved.
    It's common, however, for runners to slump the shoulders or bend at the waist, which then requires the leg muscles to support most of the body weight, instead of the stronger skeleton. By maintaining good posture, you lessen the amount of work your legs have to do and move more efficiently.

    Lean Forward. One of the biggest forces we have to fight every day is gravity. Why not make it work for us instead of against us? By adding a slight forward lean when you run, your body falls forward and you use gravity for your propulsion instead of your legs. This lean also helps keep your body in alignment, with your foot landing under you.
    To do this, lean from your ankles, not your waist, and keep your spine straight. The lean is subtle; don't lean so far forward you are out of control or actually falling.

    Land on the Mid-Foot. To keep your posture in alignment--which helps reduce injuries--while you're leaning forward, land with a mid-foot strike when you run. You want your foot to land underneath or slightly behind you, in line with your hips and shoulders.

    Run from Your Core. Many women I work with suffer from hip problems while running. Often this is caused by weak core muscles, which aren't strong enough to keep the hips and pelvis aligned. To reduce injuries, it's vital to keep your pelvis level. You do this by engaging your core muscles while you run.
    To level your pelvis, try this simple exercise: Stand against the wall and try to press your lower back into the wall. Watch what happens to your pelvis. You have to engage your lower abdominal muscles in a vertical crunch movement. Remember that feeling in your body and try to maintain it as you run.

    Relax, Relax, Relax. It's common for runners to tighten up their shoulders or other muscles as they get tired. But all that stiffness and tension wastes energy and makes you less efficient. When you feel your technique slipping, ask yourself: Where am I tense, and what can I do about it?
    Sense and respond with the correct adjustments, which might be as simple as straightening your arms and shaking them out or reminding yourself to lower your shoulders. In my book, I recommend a series of pre-run body looseners--such as shaking out your arms and legs, ankle rolls and hip and pelvis circles--to help your muscles learn to stay relaxed when you are running and throughout the day.

    How hard is it to change your running technique?
    Some coaches say you can't change your running form, but I don't believe that for a second. But it does take time to break inefficient habits. So, you'll need to slow down your pace at first to focus on the basics. Practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the quicker you'll learn it. For the average person, it takes one to three months for his or her muscles to learn something new.

    Devote at least one run a week to technique. Don't listen to music or talk to a friend; instead, think about your body position and alignment and make adjustments throughout your run to stay relaxed and move efficiently.

    Learning ChiRunning is like learning to ride a bike--once you get it, your muscles remember the movement, and it becomes intuitive. You'll feel a difference in your body once you get it. Many women have told me they suffer less hip, back and knee pain once they switch to this technique, in addition to increasing their endurance and speed. Hopefully, you'll be able to run for years to come.
    Danny Dreyer is a running coach and author of ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running. For a schedule of ChiRunning workshops or more info, visit

    November 05, 2010

    The Effect Of Asthma On Runners

    My Run This Morningwas cut short by an asthma attack.  Really, I have little struggles with my lifelong chronic disease, and have previously blogged about the subject of asthma , but I still have to say I remain ignorant at times about my own disease.  Partly out of forgetfulness and laziness, I do not always prepare properly even when i know that this time of year, when the weather turns colder, my chest will have problems.  I have noticed since the marathon that my times have dropped as has my energy.  This is partly asthma related, party because of a career change that has altered my daily routine so that I must go out before 530 am !  By 10 am I am dropping off to sleep!  
    What I would like to hear more about is how other asthmatics handle their triggers, I will post them !
    AS I have mentioned before, running has changed my disease to almost be non-existent.  I still must avoid triggers to keep it under control, but have very little need for medication since my body adapted to running so well!  For that I am thankful.

    October 31, 2010

    RUN FATBOY, RUN! ... and possibly die

    In Recent Years, the popularity of marathons, specifically half marathons has taken the world by storm.  As more and more people are running and getting into the larger events like the city half marathons, the questions start to beg:  are marathons really good for you?  There are deaths at regular intervals each year at marathons.  It is the quintessential gauge to measure one's fitness, endurance and on many peoples' "bucket list".
    In a recent article in my province's biggest paper, the article is pointing at the finds made by Laval University professor and cardiologist Dr. Eric Larose
    "Those with less training experienced lower blood flow and the segments of the heart — there's 17 in the left ventricle — showed signs of greater irritation, he added.
    "Without proper training, marathon running can damage your heart. Fortunately the exercise-induced injury is reversible over time," said Dr. Larose. "But it could take up to three months to completely recover."

    So is marathons actually bad for your health?  Not if properly trained, with appropriate hydration, fueling and the discipline in rest and recovery.  
    Run Fatboy, Run!
    What have I gleaned from this information is that the marathon distance, even the half marathon distance, is not something to take lightly.  It tests your overall health in a way that most people will not and probably should not attempt.  That is, without proper preparation.  Making it a part of one's "do before I kick the bucket" list raises concern in that some individuals in their hopes to just "get it done" ( watch RUN, FAT BOY RUN) could be practicing the scenarios in which put people at risk of this heart damage, as well as injury.  This movie was an AWEFUL, but most entertaining example of what this research was pointing at.  The main character attempts to run a marathon in a few short weeks, trains inconsistently, intensely, and for questionable reasons, then... well, you should watch it to see how it ends.
    So, would I discourage people from signing up?  Yes!  That is if I knew them to not properly prepare and possibly put themselves in a do-or-die setting with little realistic anticipation of what it will require.
    If however, this person were already looking at a lifestyle change, was already making the necessary steps to ready themselves, and were able to look at the marathon as a long-term plan for their lives, then I say go for it!  With some places to research the right plan, they could move mountains fitness-wise!

    October 19, 2010

    A Week Of Minimal Running

    I am commuting3 hours a day for my new position.  It is fall.  This is going to be a challenge for my running regiment.  Its dark when I get up, dark when I get home.   Hmmm. 
    My headlamp needs new batteries.  Beyond this, I know I will get into that groove.

    Any advice for a commuter?  For dark running?  

    I am glad to be taking a week of minimal running after the marathon to gather my game plan.  It has been a crazy schedule lately!  

    October 11, 2010

    Marathon Complete, Chad Satisfied

    Monumentallysatisfying.  Emotionally charged.  Exhausting.  Full of musical interludes.  Proud.  
    All words to describe the last 24 hours.  The race was flat, there were 800 participants in the full marathon.  1800 in the half.  
    As we queued for the first wave to be started for the full, it began raining. Drizzling really.  I was worried only about my daughters Ipod which I borrowed for the race, but it was a fantastic and warm morning for a run.  I had a pace bunny for 3:30:00.  He was helpful for the first 4 km, but as we kept going, I felt that the pace, at exactly 5 minutes was too slow for how I trained.  My training was also very hilly comparatively, so I felt this would be to my advantage.  My best time was between 1:07:00 and 109:00 for the first 14 km.  I hit that mark pretty much dead on.
    My pace remained at 4:45 per km approximately.  Toughest part was the last 5 km.  I didnt know it could be that intense to want to just end it.  THE WALL!  People who were ahead of me were stopping to walk.  But I was  not going to let my body tell me what to do.  Legs were dead, but my spirit was engaged!  I took a total of about 5 GUs!
    The last three km were intense, slowing down to as slow as 5:20 for km 39.
    It is amazing what the last 150 meters of the finish line do to me!  I just picked everything up and practically sprinted!  I knew that was a bit more than my bod could handle when I dry heaved after stopping.

    Songs that got me through the tough times...

    Michael jackson :   
    • Wanna be startin somethin
    • Thriller!
    Ash Koley -  
    • DontLet Your Feet Touch Ground
    U2 -  
    • Sometimes You Cant Make It On Your Own
    •  Yahweh
    • Walk On 
    Chris Tomlin
    • God of Thsi City
    • My Deliverer
    • Your Grace Is Enough
    Steven Curtis Chapman
    • SPring Is Coming
    • Beauty Will Rise
    • I will Trust You

     My Time For Finishing: 3:27:57  

    Me N the Kiddies, Marathon, 75 bucks, for everything else, there is mastercard (as my youngest is advertizing)

    My bud Jer

    Im on a huge inflatable shoe.

    One last note.  I found out my friends lost their daughter to meningitis the morning of the race, so it was emotional at times as I had time to think about little Grace who fought so hard, and the family who loved her into the Kingdom of God to Jesus' arms.  Rest well.  I am heartbroken for a family who life seems to have thrown a devastating blow to.  Praying for you guys.  I thought of my father who LOVED children and how he was probably there welcoming her to the throne room and scooping her up whenever he got a chance.

    October 06, 2010

    First Marathon: In Honor of My Father, Terry Teigen

    First Marathonof my life, and I have it in my heart to give honor to one man.  His name was Terry Teigen.
    He was born in 1950, an only child.  To me, he was always big, always strong, always dad.  He is so much of who I have become.  He loved me through my growing up years, provided for me, and set an example as a man who unabashedly loved and kissed and vebally told his wife, his children, his family regularly he loved them.  I remember a regular goodnight hug included: "I love you with all my heart". 
    He was also a runner.  One of my memories growing up was his running diligently.  I remember going with him one time.  What a great memory, he took our German Shepard, Nick with him a lot of the time.  He was injured along the way and stopped running.  But then I saw him who had to face his body that was so forgone in health that he needed to make drastic changes or face his own 1995.  He got out and began to run, and against odds changed his life, losing an amazing amount of weight and bought himself 9 more years.   After 9 years after being so dedicated to changing his health, on a Monday morning, he had just finished his morning run, and went into the corner store to grab a paper.  He was  in the midst of chatting with the store clerk about his day off.  He collapsed  right there in his running gear.  He passed away May 11, 2004.
    It was a huge loss for me as a 30 year old man, who was just becoming more of a friend to his father at that stage in my life.  The last 6 years has been to process this man's impact on my life, to incorporate him as a contributor to who I am becoming.  The first thing I remember doing when I arrived home to gather with my grieving family: I put on my fathers shoes. They remained on for a long while, for a couple of years.  I was a size nine, he a size 10; they were too big!  I know, weird right?  Something made me do it, I still have yet to articulate it.  I think I was identifying with him, connecting with him deep down.  people made fun of my shoes, I just felt great in them.
    Three years later, I watched my own health slipping, my weight climbing alarmingly high, and I saw a flash of how it had been for my father.  You can read some of my journey in my first few blog entries.  He has been constantly on my mind as I run.  If it weren't for him, I wouldn't find running so important or inspiring, nor would I see the reason why keeping healthy is important to a happy, longer life so clearly.  Thanks dad!  He taught me how to lovingly treat my wife, love on my kids and introduced me to a God who loves me.

    I dedicate this marathon to my wife Pam and kids, Zachary Abby and Andrew!  Pam thanks for being there at the finish line at my races, for being my life cheerleader always encouraging me to take chances and for loving me through all my idiocies.  You are the love of my life.

    This first one is in honor of my dad, I love you with all my heart.

    October 01, 2010

    Black Toenails and Other Bodily Whinings
    I kinda love myblack toenails.  They hurt a bit, but they are like my badges.  Little black ugly badges.  I am tapering now, and now is when I feel the most like, am I really ready?!!  Trusting the taper, which many with previous experience have echoed to me, is difficult.  Rest feels wrong!I was due to have a  light run today, but it was a bit iffy on my piriformis, so I rested instead and trusted my training to be there as I massaged my glute.  Recovery is painful and feels unnatural at this point. 
    I have also had a couple of days of allergic reaction to something, causing me to need my inhailer for asthma and I have been sneezing.  
    Here we go... taper tantrums!

    September 25, 2010

    The Big Taper

    So Taperingsnuck up on me.  Here is where you feel like you did everything wrong, like you are now coasting, where you start to get nervous, where you wonder where all the time went!  I am hoping for a sub 330 time.  I recently blogged that I may even break the Boston Marathon qualifying time.  My mistake, I think I was looking at the wrong sex or something, because i would have to shave off 15 minutes off my best time of my long run to accomplish that.  Unlikely.  O well, what was I expecting??? My age bracket for that would be 3:15.
    I will be running for 40 % of my longest run this week, and then I will be in full rest!  Crazy.  Any advice for this taper from the experienced marathoners.  One thing I am nervous about is that last year, there was a cold snap for my half, and i got too cold to wear what i usually wore.  If i have to wear long sleeved, it will not be good as I will probably chaff!  Hmmm.
    Also, an update on my arse (gluteus minimus), it is going well.  I used my foam roller after my last long run as I felt it tightening up.  It felt better after , with some stretching.  Seems my running technique having changed ( I am using shorter strides when i accelerate more often) has helped ward off this problem for the summer!

    September 19, 2010

    Terry Fox Run Day, is also My Birthday!

    Sept 19th is my birthday.  It is also Terry Fox Run day, the 30th annual.  Terry Fox is a hero to Canadians, who after losing a leg to bone cancer, he set out to raise money and awareness for cancer research by running across Canada.  He died on the way, in Ontario Canada in 1981 after completing for 3,390 miles (5,373 km).  Daily, he would set out and run the length of a full marathon, The Marathon Of Hope, which is was called.  
    I was 7 years old when he died, and I have always felt, as many Canadians do, a connection with this person, this hero.  He did what was unheard of, and connected a face to a horrible disease, giving his life to make a difference.  I have felt a connection to running from a young age and he was one of the reasons.  Assemblies each year, along with a Terry Fox run made us all aware of his heroism.  
    I have been to his monument Near Thunder Bay, Ontario.  I also had a chance to meet the actor who played him in 1983, Eric Fryer, who I will look for my picture I got with him to post if   I can find it!  As a kid that was a thrill!
    If you have a chance, think about whom you have lost to cancer, about Terry Fox, and about the changes you can make my just getting out and being healthy while you are training!  Happy Terry Fox Run day!

    37 on my 37th

    Training Has brought me to my 37th birthday.  I will be running probably more than 37 today or tomorrow. :D  Just thought that was a neat number for some reason.
    I am finding getting out before 6 am quite challenging, because of how tired I am for the rest of the day after my long runs.  Does anyone else get wiped?  I really cannot justify too many 3 hour plus chunks during the day away from the family on my days off.  I only have a couple left, then tapering will commence.  So crazy to think after all this training for one marathon, its almost here!

    September 11, 2010

    Beating My Body , and Other Reflections

    So far so good,I seem to be holding up pretty well.  I have had a very busy and draining week, exhaustion has set in every day as i have started a new position.  An update on the ol' bod...
    my feet hurt!  The bottoms!  It could be the distances taking the pounding.  It may be the silly shoes i have been wearing in my new profession.  The bottoms feel bruised!  Morning hurt the most as i roll out of bed.  Feels like I have been walking for hours on really rocky shores in bare feet.
    My piriformis and my ITB are holding up remarkably well, which to me is such a joy and I am experiencing much less hip stiffness than I previously did.  Today my right calf hurts.
    So all in all, my training is goin as planned.  I am not following to the letter any runner'sworld for newbies on the first marathon plan, but in my head I know my goals.  I am pushing the distance per week less than 10% each time to get to just below 42 km.  I have edged up and backed off a couple of time s to give my bod recoup time.  I am letting recovery runs be just that.
    It is getting colder in the mornings.  Almost time to break out the winter gear, I would say, which is a pain since all the training I have done is in summer garb, so hopefully no huge amounts o chaffing wil happen.  Just in case, I have bought my first "glide" stick.

    Some reflections.  I will be emotional for this race.  The half last year was emotional for me.  It represented so much, was very personal.  I have put a lot in to my training.  Not jsut physically,  but spiritually and emotionally as well.  All this year's challenges seems to be in the training.  From a new home to a family trial to a huge change up in career and all the uncertainty that came with it, my running times were the bread and butter of my coping, of reflecting, of problem solving, of coming "unravelled", of my being in the moment when I was feeling anxious, and my prayer life, my sweet worship times.  So this race in Oct will be like the expression of all that investment.  Which gets me thinking about beyond that, how the winter will be, I need to have some goals over the dark winter months.  Maybe not such lofty ones.  I have one month to gear up, taper and prepare for this race.  tIt will hopefully be the first in many, but I like to start with a bang!  My friend Jeremy will not be joining me this time.  This was a nice distraction last year,  Maybe Not having him might keep me more in the moment. Who knows.

    I am thinking now of a word from scripture:

     1 Corinthians 9
    24Don’t you realize that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize? So run to win! 25All athletes are disciplined in their training. They do it to win a prize that will fade away, but we do it for an eternal prize. 26So I run with purpose in every step. I am not just shadowboxing. 27I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should. Otherwise, I fear that after preaching to others I myself might be disqualified.
    I know th point of this script is not about running but metaphorically about seeking to love on God with all we have for a crown you can't receive here on earth.  But to appreciate the metaphor, it is so enriching to understand what the author is talking about in the discipline of running a race, the effect of things that hinder on your training and being purposeful.  those who win arent just kidding around, they are focused, they say no to  things others may not understand because they are saying "yes" for so long to the prize they envision.

    Hebrews 12:1

    Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.
    When I look at this last scripture, I think of my father., Terry Teigen  Since he passed away, I have wondered what those who are with Jesus in glory get to see of our world once gone.  This scripture makes me think that I not only have him as an example, but as one who is allowed to rejoice with me in victory, to pray for me in trial and hardship, and to be a witness to God's work in my life.  He left a legacy, spiritually that continues in me.  One for running, especially, I think of him a lot while I run.  More on that again soon, me thinks. Sometimes, although i know I can't talk with the dead, i ask Jesus to give my dad a hug for me or to give him a message of love.  The veil is up, but it wont be forever, what a  day that will be!  So I run in the meantime.

    How do you prepare for races?  What do you think about , especially on your firsts?  Let me know.

    September 06, 2010

    Boston Marathon Qualifying?

    Well,my last long run of 35 km was a very strong run for me.  It felt slow, but my overall time was under 3 hours.  That was quite shocking, as I am seeing the last few kilometers in the distance left to hoof out.  Then it dawned on me, what is the qualifying time for my age group in Boston, the mecca of running standards for so many endurance runners?  For me, it will be 20 minutes more than yesterday's 35 km long time at 3:20:00 .  Can I doll out 7 km at the end under 20 minutes?  Wow, suddenly that goal doesn't seem so far off!  Qualifying for Boston, although I doubt I would get there in the next couple for years, would be powerfully satisfying to me.  We will see how the next few weeks of training pan out to solidify this as a possibility.
    This distance is truly humbling.  as I feel the weight of it when I set out, the prep it takes from trial and error and other runners' wisdom becomes a survival skill.  I must respect the distance as I note the toll it takes on my hips (especially after climbing stairs!) I ended up really tired yesterday and walking like a cowboys with saddle sores all day.
    I am hydrating well, listening to music for maybe a quarter of the time, taking Gu at about the 1.5 hour mark.  I realize I must watch how I eat the rest of the day as it will not only affect my recovery, but I am feeling hunger all day and thirst all day long after these longer runs.  My wife noted that i expended over 2000 calories during my 35 km run!  That is almost a full day's  intake right there.  I could stand to lose maybe 8 pounds or so for speed sake, but this is new territory for me.  I ate quite randomly yesterday, which for my world is fun, but after the leftovers of my wife's birthday party are gone (including Purdy's chocolate fondue and fruit! :O ) I should really follow a plan in the next few weeks as I need to concentrate on recovery and fueling.  
    Another note:
    Last week as I ended my long run of 33 km, I was going up the long ill to my road and something deep in me needed a push, so I began out of gut level instincts to talk myself up the hill.  "You can do it, you can do it, you can..."  I rarely do this while running, but hill seem to do this at times to me, when I am digging deep. 

    September 01, 2010

    About Er...Chaffing

    I have a new mystery...I noticed getting to  the 20 mile and beyond that there are new factors to consider.  One is the hip soreness.  But the thing is that I have had problems with chaffing now, which is a new thing to me.  I guess the mileage and sweat combination are taking its toll.  Thighs, toes, nips and my arm where I hold the ipod strap on my arm.
    I think I need a visit to the running store for some lube.  
    I went shirtless a few days ago for a 10k and believe it or not, when I got back, my nipples were feeling sore n chaffed!  What?  A strange mystery, since there was nothing but wind touching!  Theories?

    Recovery Run

    7 kmtoday as i went at a plus 6 minute km.  Felt really good just to allow my body to shuffle along, not pushing it.  Sometimes I get too caught up in getting to the destination, I lose the joy of just being.  My left hip needed the foamy before I got going, just to loosen up.  All in all a good recovery run, and a nice capper to 40 k for the week so far.  Have you ever added or subtracted while on the run?  I intended to go for 5 km this am.

    August 30, 2010

    33.5 km

    My runtoday started noticing how great my hips felt compared to the last week.  I did not start out really sore and hobbling.  I know I was not injured, but I think the wear was showing in that part of my body.  Good to give my body a chance to recoup before plummetting into the thick of it again.
    I had a great run with my time being in the 5 minutes zone, just over per km.  Ran it in 2:47 !

    August 26, 2010

    Victoria Vacation and Gearing Up For Marathon

    Okay, sothis week being on the island (Vancouver Island, SO BEAUTIFUL!), I was keeping in plan with my training that I would step back slightly for recoup reasons.  I ran 24 km yesterday instead of beyond 30 (20 miles) for my longer run and all week has been shy of my usual 10 km treks.  
    This week I will amp it up again to the beyond 30's and continue until taper time.
    Rest, Relaxation and Restoration.  I felt all three this week as I spent time with my wife, three kids and good friends of ours and their kids.  Out every morning early with my buddy not for a run(which happened later in the day) but to Starbucks for Java and quiet coffee time.  It was too great.  Lots of hiking and exploring the ocean shores of Victoria  and surrounding area.  

    August 20, 2010

    9 km in Victoria

    A Little R and R and R.Rest Relaxation and Running!  Went on a scenic run in the downtown of Victoria with my buddy Jeremy.  He had a route he liked and we did it after a long day of exploring the island with our combined families (six kids!).
    WE reached a 4 minute km at one point, but our slow start made it over a 5 min average.  I am not normally pushing my times as I am trying to avoid injury before the marathon.  So far so good.  I notice it takes about 4 km to get my wind and hips loosened. The longer distance is pushing my body beyond the boundaries of what I am used to, so this is a new realm for me!

    August 16, 2010

    Improved Running This Week

    I am happyto report a much better 33 km run (21 miles) today.  I hydrated before leaving.  I had my gatorade and ran pretty much a great run.  2 hours 54 minutes 47 seconds clocked.  That would make a 5:16 pace, which is a great improvement from last week's lame-oh.
    My training for the fall marathon has taken a good turn, and I am adapting well, my hips feel releatively great and my body is not feeling as traumatized as the last week weeks.  Could hardly walk a couple hours after.  
    This is me on the same route I took today.
    I took a cold bath and forgot to take a recovery drink.  Oops!

    August 09, 2010

    20 miler, lack of sleep, and dehydration, OH MY!

    I had a terrible nights sleep Sunday night.  2 hours approx.  At 5 am I finally got up and prepared for my long run.  Pressing forward, I actually got 33 km in!  That is 20 miles in translation.  I had three packs of Gaterade with me on my fuel belt, but the last 7 km were very difficult as I think I was getting dehydrated. 
    I felt like I was doing a little shuffle like Tim Conway by the end.  You know, that old guy character??? HA!
    With 20 miles under my belt, I am planning a little pull back by the next couple of weeks, for mini recovery.  Thanks to a couple of encouragements on my readers commentaries.  Thanks!
    My hips feel great.
    One thing I notice is my stomach muscles, my lower abs ache worse than anything by the end of my run!  I dont know why!
    I had a pounding headache afterward for a good 3 hours.  This makes me think I did not have enough fluids.  Ran out, as i lost on of the caps on my fuel belt bottles so I can only bring three with me.  Mental note to get replacement!

    August 04, 2010

    Daunting Long Runs

    Honestly,I have felt the lst week that doing more than 27 km like I did last weekend quite overwhelming.  How can i keep up this training?  over 30 km every weekend?  My abs hurt for some reason from last weekend.  My abs?  My legs are still a bit stiff too, which is normal for a couple of days after my long run, but thinking about doing it again each weekend for through august feels like "really???" right now.  
    I read a lot of blogs on running, many are 'ultra-marathoners" donig stupid amounts of km.  How do they do it?  It requires retarded amounts of time, for one, but how does their body not break down?
    I know this will pass and I will probably look back and smile at how I always feel like this taking on a new challenge.  I did this for getting for 5 km.  Dang it, 10 was a huge hurdle to jump!  but this 30 km, I am so proud of myself yet , wondering, can I keep it up like I need to for a marathon training?  
    I am not following a training program specifically either.  I have read enough of them to know I need to get over 30 km for a few weeks long runs in training and then ease off just before in tapering.  I have my running bud that is following a very detailed regime.  I have been running a lot longer runs for a consistent time though, so its not such a surge in mileage for me.
    Anyhow, I thought I would just say this feeling out loud as I psych up for Saturday.

    August 02, 2010

    Road Runner Sports

    Well, Time to get my new shoes.I want to put this out there, get your new equipment for running or whatever at the best price you can.  I am not thrilled with paying full price for anything.  Click here to get started with your new order.  Customer service is great, you get a month to try the shoes you purchase out and then can return them if you want to for any reason!
      What a great way to treat us, especially if you are trying out a new brand or style, which is always a little risky or a serious runner!

    Check it out.
    And, no, I am not on staff with them.  :)  BUT click on this and I will get a little kick back for referring successfully!  Another example of my frugility.

    July 31, 2010

    Skaha Loop Accomplished! Longest Personal Distance!

    Well, I did it!it was a huge milestone for me, to get 30 km under my belt!  The Skaha Lake Loop happened for me today as i had set out a while back.  So happy to get a significant goal I set out for this year done. 
    It started out rocky.  My nephew was GOING to come with me, on bike, but copped out (boy 15 year olds I thought LIKED getting up at 6 am!) , and arriving at the start of my run, I quickly found out that the bathrooms were not available.  And I needed them.  Badly.  I tried a couple of times at home, but I guess my body didnt want to get ready like my brain did.  What happened after this shall remain between me and the trail.  Lets just say, I will NEVER eat corn on the cob the day before a long run again.  Cramps and much wind also accompanied me throughout the run!
    Well, the run went fine, my hip felt good (I massaged at home before).  I added a km in Penticton (the half way point) to make it a fair 30 km.  The second half was hilly, Especially the last 20 minutes, on which my legs were trying to tell me to give up and sit.   But I would not hear of it!  I guess that was the "wall".

    It was Ultraman weekend, so some roads were preparing for that, which made me feel like a triathlete, which was great.  It only dawned on me the last half that i probably looked like one of the training triathletes because there were so many out and about.  I actually passed a couple of them!  That felt really good.

    I fueled at the 1 hour mark with my GU espresso and throughout with Gatoraid from home.With all the stomach issues I was a bit worried it would be a  inner fight, but things were mostly peaceful.

    I felt fantastic after I finished and entered the lake to recover (my form of icebath).

    So one HUGE milestone in my running life is accomplished, with much more to go.  It feels great to see what i could accomplish!  Im still on my high!

    July 28, 2010


    My little girlasked if she could go with me the other day on a run.  I was so blessed to hear her express interest in what I do!  I reemmber back in the day, going iwth my own father on a run.  Not many, mind you, but that memry sticks with me.  Im sure i was slow and not the ultimate running partner when I was 6, but I was thrilled to see where my dad went when he geared up and went out!  Later in life, I would join him on runs and it was a very special memory.
    We ran 1 km approximately, with a couple of decent walk breaks.  She was such a trouper!  That positive impact on fitness and running and our time together I pray will have life-long heritage for her life, as i pray other blessings are for my kids.  I know I am impacted every day by my own number of 'little moments" with my father.  I hope my children see not just a man who went away mornings running, but was a man who loved deeply, took joy in his body's ability to endure and took good care of  his family through prayer and pursuing new goals.  Most of all that I was a man deeply in love with Jesus, his wife, his family and life.  Hey that rhymed!

    Here are a few more pictures from my Black Sage road route.  I  love to take it all in as I run and talk to my Maker. 

    As you can tell, Im sounding a bit more spiritually connected in this blog entry, but I dont apologize, my heart is really thankful for each blessing and I am trying to make a point of counting them lately.  When life is challenging, scripture says to be thankful for each blessing, to see yourself as a beloved child, to be a thankful steward of your gifts and to ask for provision.  I am surrounded by such a terrific life really!  I have always been in fairly good health, moreso now that i have been passionately pursuing a fit life, a wondering family with a loving funny beautiful wife, three amazing children, a new beautiful dream home, a career (until this point!) which expresses my gifting and passions, friends who love me and support me, and each moment I live I can see God's good hand in my life.
    More to come on that, I have to get ready for my day.

    July 20, 2010

    Updates, Dogs and general babbling

    Summerhas finally hit. I am very glad about this.  I have discovered the joy on not searching for my shirt, rather, going without!  SHucking the shirt early in the morning means less laundry, and it feels great, although, I wouldnt do this if I was running in a really public place.  Too much too soon. :)  My hip woes have changed, and I am astill on top of my glutes.  The stiff/tight feeling has now moved to the other side for some reason.  It's the phantom menace!  I good massage the other day really helped.  I was at the beach and really sore. I grabbed the roundest thing I could find that resembled my foam roller and started rolling on it.  Pam, my wife says I looked like a dog in heat, humping the ground.  I did, actually think this hen I saw the guy on Youtube demonstrate it.  Oddly erotic.  So a subtle shift in angle and I no longer looked like I was in heat at the beach.  It seemed to work, as my hip has felt much better. 

    I am getting excited about the SKaha Lake route I have been preparing for, and training has been gradually gettnig me there, I figure I can do it next week.

    I had a dog charge at me as it escaped from its master;s front door.  The dog wasn't quite what scared me, it was the owner!  She was screaming like I was just about to be attacked by Cujo!  The dog approached me, and in my head I actually though, "which part of me do Offer the dog first as it bites?"  I chose my ankle for some instinctive reason.  It didn't bite.  But it really startled me.  The lady's ook alone was enough to make you think about your life ending.  Wish i had a camera.  I'd offer the dog the camera. Well I wish I had my friend, Jeremy's camera.  I like my camera.

    On my personal job font, I have my resume out there and have had one interview for a part time job.  My faith in God's provision and guidance is keeping me safe.  It can keep me from insomnia, which has happened in the past when I have worried.  So far so good.  I have a lovely family, beautiful new home which we just purchased in May and a terrific community to hang out in.  I have realized that worry is a form of meditation too, its a spiritual practice just as reading the Bible, or praying.  If I take my mind and focus it on my God, push my stress into good things like exercise and wait on the Lord to speak and lift me up, I have much less worry out of control.  It has taken me a long time to figure this out ,but better late than never.

    I am trying to get the energy to go on a couple of my routes to take some pictures to post, just to show how beautiful it is here in the Okanagan.  Really, if you are ever looking for a decent place to get R and R, this is it.  No Canada is not all Tundra and igloos.  Where i live, it is considered a desert, able to sustain a thriving wine industry, wining accolades from all over the green earth.

    Well thats my bit.

    July 11, 2010

    Running Through Transition

    Worked on Hillsover a week ago and now am having the times of my life!  I have started the summer and as I work at schools, I am on EI.  Unfortunately, there seems to be a closed door now as my contracted money has been cut and it looks like I will be looking for work.  What does this have to do with my running?  Well a lot as I think it has been affecting my times.  it is depressing knowing your job is ending.  Yet I need running now more than ever!   I will continue my goals  and keep praying for direction and passion.  Honestly, I have had a full year of tragedy and transition.  I beleive the Lord is pulling me forward.  Yet I feel tired and frustrated.  I have some dreams I would like fulfilled, and I hope I can run consistently for the next few months as I do  professionally as well.

    July 07, 2010

    building up to the 26er and then....the 29er

    First I am buildingback up to the 26er.  Then I will work towards a summer run around  Skaha Lake.  Thats all I got to say today....!!

    June 24, 2010

    End of Yourself

    Ever been runningAnd you think to yourself:  if I keep going at this rate, how far can I push this pace?  How hard can I go and for how long?  And then after, ask "was that all I had?"  "Did I leave nothing behind?"  "Did I just stretch my potential?"
    These moments of challenge come from within!  They head butt your ego.  They make mush of your resolve to continue an uncomfortable pace.  Yet, if it werent for these moments of self-coaching we could not find out what we are made of.
    Today I wanted to push myself harder, get closer to that elusive 40 minute 10k .  I failed at that ultimate dream of course, but i pushed myself for a long time, into anarobic work, sucking wind.  My legs felt like giving up for much of it, my body protested, the sweat began to just leak down my baldy head into my eyes, but my hope was that I would break into that zone where I might feel invincible.  It didnt happen today, but I got much closer than in recent  runs to that elusive time.
    Will power can be a force to reckon with.  But what I find a challenge is my ability to hold out in discomfort, and to not let my body dictate my pace.  My body is a whiner.  My brain is the boss.  My spirit is the coach.  I will set myself on to that goal, to beat that time, to push for that prize.
    I guess this is how I also feel in other areas.  If I am slumped, which I have ben feeling lately, do I cave to that web of depression?  Do I throw my hands up in the air and say, okay life, you got me, just toss me against the rocks, spin me around as you please.  No.  With  my running I kick into practice the same Spirit that urges me to be better, to beleive for more, so trust that I have been given talents and strength for a reason. 
    This sounds lofty, but unless my eyes are focussed on a distant goal, I trip on the details of the road.  I stumble on the challenge of the moment.  I give up in essence.  I cant afford to do that.  My life is a gift I want to spend well.
    So with my run I challenge myself to be more than what is handed to me.  Pain becomes temporary, healing becomes part of the journey which results in greater strength.  How Inspiring!!   Isnt running theraputic???

    June 21, 2010

    Chiropractor Visitation

    Well, I am going beforemy medical benefits run out next week to my chiropractor.  He  is a good guy. But he will most likely cause me pain today.    And I will hate him for a short time And then he will hint strongly that my running will produce scar tissue from multiple injury.  But the thing is, I am not injured, I am trying to prevent this.  My hip pain and tenderness continues, but it has held out as just that, not getting any worse.  I am finally letting my body try to just recoup so that I can tackle my Skaha lake loop dream for the summer.

    UPDATE: June 22
    Went yesterday after work and got a green light from my friend the chiro.  He was pleased with my exterior rotators (I have previously posted some of the stretches I have been trying to loosen up).  Also the stiffness was tight in a slightly different area, VERY PAINFUL spots where he drive his elbow in and made me shine in sweat.  However, I am still able to run!  This means I am taking care in a preventative rather than reactive way, which was my goal.

    June 14, 2010

    Close Encounters of the Runner Kind

    Adventure of the day:So I am running this morning and am trying to make good time, although feeling easily winded, and speaking of wind there is a head wind which is just enough to make me feel like I am fighting a bit.  Rounding a corner, a car which was not on the road, seemed to be pulling over about 20 feet from where I was running and heading straight for me makes my heart stop!  I throw my hands out to motion HEY THERE! STOP!  Almost got clocked.
    I keep running and and as I round my 14th km mark of 15, I hear a starling screech and see a black starling swooping over the paved hike and bike trail.  I vaguely think of my friend Rita, who is deathly afraid of birds and think would that not be wierd to have a bird attack you!  Never had that happen before.
    Next moment I realize this bird is a little too close for comfort, it is swooping closer and close making not one, not two, but THREE close dive bombs at me,( like within 5 feet of me) and screaching loudly.  It actually made me cry out twice in suprise! AHHH!
    Was not sure why it was doing so, considering it is a popular trail and so its nest should not be logically anywhere near this trail.  My heart did jump though.  By the third time, I was getting annoyed.  How long was this going to go on????!
    Well, I survived to tell the tale.
    Had any adventures lately you care to share about?  Drop me a line!

    June 10, 2010

    2010 Summer Skaha Lake dream run - 29 km (18 mi)

    So far, I am right on trackin my training to try a new run, the  Skaha Lake Loop.
    This route is 29 km and is a beautiful waterfront view most of the time.  On a perfect day, the wind will be non-existant and the water glassy.  I picture dropping my family off at the popular south end Skaha beach for a couple of hours while I run and then arriving so that I meet up with them and then jump in the water to get a refreshing recovery ice bath,as the water is fairly c-c-c-c-c-cold!
    Whether the family part of it works out or not (not sure my wife would appreciate being left on a beach for 2 hours so her husband can get 'away' from it all would fly, but its my daydream.  Perhaps they would just go shopping and meet up!
    Anyone game??? :D  What kind of local dream routes have you planned fo the summer?  Id love to see it MAPPED!  Try it at

    June 08, 2010

    Massage and stretches for Hips, Bands, Butts, and Knees

    Pulling backa bit today.  Did 5 k nice and easy.  Just felt like I needed to take it easier from the longer run on Saturday.  I bumped into my chiropractor friend, whom I know is a faithful reader of this blog ( you know who you are, GRANT)  :) .  He checked my hip and confirmed that it is still my piriformis/gluteus minimus that is the culporate, which is an overtraining issue.  My foam roller being found the other day in a box from my move, I am now working on preventing an actual injury while training.  I have been stretching as much as I possibly can, which has warded off any further injuries.  If I had not started this, I would most likely be not running right now because of the terrible piriformis syndrome.
    Let me stop here and just say that I am not a massage therapist and am no expert other than what I know for my own research and experience!  Check things out for yourself and get seen by professionals when the time is right!
    My Two Main Office Stretches
    I am including some pictures of the stretches I use in my office and at home for the limbering up of my glutes hips and knees.  One is called the figure four.  The sketch at the top of this posting  is a "laying down" version of the same stretch. 

    The ITB leaning stretch, shown here:
    gets at the Illiotibital Band, but I have found helps with my hip soreness from this piriformis muscle tightness and inflammation.  Also a good one to use at the office, although it looks  a little strange when you are stretching and tlaking to someone, like a lady who has to pee. HA.

    This stretch, which can be difficult to nail the appropriate glute area, has been taught by a few different professionals to me, so it is a common one for piriformis issues.  I dont do this one in the office... it looks a little strange.

    Myofascial Release and Massaging Tight Muscles
    FOAM ROLLER Stretches...

    I have blogged about this with video

    but here are a few pictures of how this might look for those with the foam rollers.

    For IT band

    Another great idea is the use of a tennis ball for getting to trigger points, which is more specific to the spots that get pretty trigger-ish.  Be warned, foam rollers and tennis balls are not for the faint of heart int he pain department!  Trigger points and myofascial release are quite touchy and can be acute in the pain department.  This is partially how we know it is working, but is also why many people think its just torture!

    For more, check out this site, it is very helpful with great photos of these and many other stretches and strength excercises.  Thank you to Patrick Ward, MS CSCS LMT for the great post he made on the subject and where all these great instructional photos I swiped come from!