June 10, 2012

Running Buddy

It has been a long time since I ran with anyone at all, in fact 9 months is about right with my friend Jeremy.  Jeremy and I have been running for the same amount of time.After a couple of lame attempts to get out for a run together (most of which was me saying lets do it and then bailing!) we went out yesterday for a 12 k.  One observance:  friends like him are rare for a guy, we have family holidays in the summer together, we play on the same worship team, and we are often either really similar or polar opposites.  Mostly opposites though.  What I want to say is this: we went faster than usual on our run, even while talking a lot and enjoying the scenery.  Firends push friends to go further and push themselves.  We have run marathons together and been one another's compadres.  I appreciate my friend, and it was a good run!  One tends to be able to share more while running, for guys it is much easier to talk more in depth when you are parallel, doing the same task, so its a win-win.  Go get yourself a running friend like mine!

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Jer said...

We need to run together more:)