September 25, 2010

The Big Taper

So Taperingsnuck up on me.  Here is where you feel like you did everything wrong, like you are now coasting, where you start to get nervous, where you wonder where all the time went!  I am hoping for a sub 330 time.  I recently blogged that I may even break the Boston Marathon qualifying time.  My mistake, I think I was looking at the wrong sex or something, because i would have to shave off 15 minutes off my best time of my long run to accomplish that.  Unlikely.  O well, what was I expecting??? My age bracket for that would be 3:15.
I will be running for 40 % of my longest run this week, and then I will be in full rest!  Crazy.  Any advice for this taper from the experienced marathoners.  One thing I am nervous about is that last year, there was a cold snap for my half, and i got too cold to wear what i usually wore.  If i have to wear long sleeved, it will not be good as I will probably chaff!  Hmmm.
Also, an update on my arse (gluteus minimus), it is going well.  I used my foam roller after my last long run as I felt it tightening up.  It felt better after , with some stretching.  Seems my running technique having changed ( I am using shorter strides when i accelerate more often) has helped ward off this problem for the summer!

September 19, 2010

Terry Fox Run Day, is also My Birthday!

Sept 19th is my birthday.  It is also Terry Fox Run day, the 30th annual.  Terry Fox is a hero to Canadians, who after losing a leg to bone cancer, he set out to raise money and awareness for cancer research by running across Canada.  He died on the way, in Ontario Canada in 1981 after completing for 3,390 miles (5,373 km).  Daily, he would set out and run the length of a full marathon, The Marathon Of Hope, which is was called.  
I was 7 years old when he died, and I have always felt, as many Canadians do, a connection with this person, this hero.  He did what was unheard of, and connected a face to a horrible disease, giving his life to make a difference.  I have felt a connection to running from a young age and he was one of the reasons.  Assemblies each year, along with a Terry Fox run made us all aware of his heroism.  
I have been to his monument Near Thunder Bay, Ontario.  I also had a chance to meet the actor who played him in 1983, Eric Fryer, who I will look for my picture I got with him to post if   I can find it!  As a kid that was a thrill!
If you have a chance, think about whom you have lost to cancer, about Terry Fox, and about the changes you can make my just getting out and being healthy while you are training!  Happy Terry Fox Run day!

37 on my 37th

Training Has brought me to my 37th birthday.  I will be running probably more than 37 today or tomorrow. :D  Just thought that was a neat number for some reason.
I am finding getting out before 6 am quite challenging, because of how tired I am for the rest of the day after my long runs.  Does anyone else get wiped?  I really cannot justify too many 3 hour plus chunks during the day away from the family on my days off.  I only have a couple left, then tapering will commence.  So crazy to think after all this training for one marathon, its almost here!