December 03, 2009

Running from the Flu

I had A Terrible Stomach Fluthis week.  My whole family has been down.  Tried to go on a short run even three days later, and still had to stop even before breaking a sweat due to a pounding headache.  This got me to thinking... on reflecting upon the benefits of the last two years of serious running, here is another quality I appreciate about my body in its transformation.  I have not been too terribly sick in the last couple of years.  Being an allergic person, I was still not that sickly, since my immune system was always on overdrive, but I have noticed my body's increased resistance and resiliency from sickness!  Being healthier in general I have noticed has meant a better fighting chance against air borne illnesses and yearly bugs.  When others are struggling for days and even weeks with a virus, mine has bounced back faster anyhow.  What a great kick back!
Tell me if I am crazy, but have you noticed your body adapting for the better since running?  Since losing unhealthy weight? Bravo!  For those who are looking at beginning a healthy life choice which may include running, this is a terrific thing to weigh:  less time sick means more time doing other things! 
Here is an article on Runner's World about this phenomena, including ways to keep running from literally also running your immune system into the ground, which is also possible!
I think the 'listening to our bodies' post from The Essence Of Running blog would fit this category of body awareness.  I had gotten all geared up and up early just to cut it short, but to what gain?  Well, long term,  I would rather recover fully from the flu and take it easy then to drag out a flu just because I was roaring to go again too early.  My headache to me was a good indicator that all was not fully well, even though my fever and stomach were fine.  I will pick it up possibly tomorrow, taking it easy the first one in to be in check with my body's energy level.

December 01, 2009

Personal Bests

26.14 km (16 mi)This was my last run on Saturday.   Took me over 2:20, and it was not on purpose at all.  I just headed out and trekked through a new course. I had a perfect day of little wind, my body felt energetic and I was able to keep my tunes going! These are the days I really enjoy running.  It boosts me to have pushed myself beyond where I have gone before, wther breaking a PR or lengthening my runs.  There is always a cost... my feet really hurt as did my hips ache after that long run.  What  I love about this is that I am finding out how much I can do, and it is something very personal to be on the trail, hoofing it alone.  What about your "this is why I  love to run" moments?  What are those for you?  Give me some feedback!