February 04, 2011

VOTE Running Man for TOP 100 RUNNING SITES !

VOTE! This site has been here to inspire and keep myself and all of you motivated in your pursuits in fitness and health for the last couple of years.  Over 100 blog entries!  

Vote for this site!  Go to this link: Running Sites to vote for it to be in the top 100 list!  Once you've clicked on the link, all you have to do is scroll down to where it says "Click Here to Enter" and then scroll down and find "Running Man" and click on it. That will cast your vote.

Thank you for stopping by on your busy day, it means so much to have you reading, for feedback, encouragement and responses!  What a great running community spread all over the world!  
I look around at the places you come from and feel the world is smaller!  From India to France, to Japan and even Africa!  Of course the North American readers are incredibly diverse as well!
Thanks for reading my tiiny thoughts, of my tiny life and tiny pursuits, and letting me in on yours as well!
Now go and vote! YA!

February 02, 2011


No ipodhas been on my self for a few months now!  WIth winter being too cold to keep my battery functioning for more than half a song, I gave up.  Also, being aware of my surroundings (such as the stalking wildlife around me) has been important in the darker times of the day that I run.
But no matter!  I have the built in ipod in my own little skull.  Seriously.  I am haunted by songs.  Some of them are great. Some not so much.  
A song wil take form with my rhythm of pace.  Da da da dada Doooooooooooooo!  Then it will haunt me.  Trying to shift channels when you are trying to get away from a tune for me is like repeating "dont think of rabbits".  Guess what I imagine?  A ten foot rabbit.

"Uptown girl" by Billy Joel has been haunting me, lately.  Seriously.  Its got this rhythm that I cant stop but to sing it through in my head to the pace of my running!
What songs haunt you?