January 05, 2010

Of Gollum and Slushees

Well Back to Winter my runs have been slushy.  I am trying to run harder, keep my speed up, but in the snow, my traction is iffy at best.  So I slow down in the thicker snow. 
Another thing to slow me is my sliught Christmas weight gain.  about 5 or 6 pounds more to slog around... yes you heard it people, Mr.  Self-righteous couldn't help but eat Grandpa's butter tarts or those caramels chocolates or those scrumptious mars bars rice crispy squares which bewitch his soul.  So back to the grind, I really need to oust my house of all those delicious treats.  Another thing that calls my sweet tooth is the half price sales on chocolates post Christmas.  Man those Turtlles want to come home with me.... no, I must diminish.
Anyhow, my runs need pep.  I had semi trucks "muddy slush" me on my long run last weekend., literally spraying slush allover my legs and shoes  22 km with wet legs and feet.  Why do people not pull over a bit more to give me room to run on the highway anyhow???  I think they secretly delight in slushing me.
It would have been what I would have done to those I felt were doing something I thought was "noble".  And there you have it.  Runner's piety.  You know that self-righteous tone vegans and runners and yoga class - goers all have, that they are somehow superior and enlightened.  I guess I am da man to a few.    I don't want to be!  In fact, this could have been the reason I refrained from talking about it among certain people. I can hear it in the tone of my siblings, who  call me "gollum" because of my weight loss.  Its that "look at this pompous jerk making us all look bad" thoughts we all have about those on some new  self improvement kick.  Even the fit and active people have those we know are much more committed.  "Oh, you run?  Well, do you "ultra-run"??  No?  Oh too bad, its really hard..."  We hate them.  until we do it.  Then we are them.  And there is always someone better faster or more diehard.   Such is life.  Striving on this front is a losing situation if you must always be on top!  Everyone most likely unless they are paid, call themselves a middle packer.'  There is always room for improvement!

I do think this can be a good thing though, to keep the ego in check and keep us humble.  Its a sliding scale, and one that can't be focused on, or we would go mad.  But when we have the chance to 'slush' that  annoyingly smug person, what glee comes from our hearts!!! Just don't slush me.