March 24, 2012

asthma and running

So I write every spring about my damned asthma.  I believe it is when denial meets the desire to go faster try harder with all the sunshine and great weather.  Since a terrific and lovely party at Christmas where a bitch sat near me and triggered my asthma, I have contemplated getting checked out but denial set in.  That bitch was a dog.
When one has lived with asthma like I have for all their lives, you might say that you learn to live with certain realities.  People maynotice that you are breathing with a wheeze.  You miht be caught somewhere with no inhaler because you werent prepared.  People might not understand what asthma is and think you are dying.  YOU might think "Im dying",but not think anything about it. 

Then came running which even further complicates things.  MY asthma is virutally healed.  VIRTUALLY is the key word.  I still have my allergens.  However, my oxygen intake is so strong, one might never know, so it is now with my lungs, I can live in denial for longer, but woner if its me getting old or is it the now-hidden even better" disease I live with?  Im betting on the disease now.  I took a blow-test (Peak flow meter) and scored better than those who have no asthma (over 600).  Click here for more on peak flow meters.
Signs for me:
I need my inhaler more.  (That might be a DUH!).
Cold air for me causes slight coughing.
Energy levels while running are lower than I want, even when conditinos are ideal.

If you are having a hard time controlling your asthma, a treatment of your inhaler at the ER at your local hospital can dialate your capillaries and get you back on track.  It gives the medication more punch by better dispersing it through a mist.
Cheers!  And happy breathing.

March 19, 2012

work work run

This lastfew months has seen me change work again and again.  I now have more work hours than I have worked in ... well ever!  This creates a different fatigue.  I want to sleep more, but stay up later.  I am studying as well and now in my life it is more important than it ever has been to keep running.  I admit my mileage has been waning.  I am still getting out there, but 30 km per week is getting tough, and I usually like going beyond that.  
With the latest job on the go, I am hoping I can now start looking long term and stop transitioning so often.  This being said, I want to carve off my running in the morning againas the sunshine becomes part of the wee morning hours.
Still not sure if I will do a spring race.  I will not be setting any PR's, that is certain.  I feel slower than I have ever been, to be honest.  Am I declining with age?