April 23, 2011

Weathered and Withered

My life has been asking a lot of me in the last 8 months.   A three hour commute, a new and complex caseload, and meetings when i get home to go to with church and community involvements have all challenged me to dig deep and keep going on in running this year.  It has been the hardest for me to get up in the morning even earlier for shorter runs, I covet Saturday mornings to not just get up and run, but to chill.  I am seeing people a way less than I use to in my personal life.  Finding the sweet spot (like right now) to go and run has been a hard sell to my soul.  I have been working away at keeping it a priority to pretty good success although my dailymile buddies are kicking my butt on the mileage!
The weather has finally warmed up this week to a point where I am not going to feel like wearing my winter gear anymore.  Its been a stupid long winter.  This is exciting!  I did not do the 10k I have done for the last couple of years.  No goal.  
So here I sit to blog about what.  Last week it was about sex. Motivation?  Nah, I have that.  Priorities?  Probably more of this.  Keeping my regime in the priority list is a constant reshuffle as my obligations encroach my long term health priorities.  So enough of this writing.  I need to get out there.
Here I go!

Where do you get help to dig deep and re-prioritize when life is demanding?  Give me some inspiration!

April 17, 2011

Does A Runner Have Better Sex?

First, Let me say, I have wanted to write something about sex lives of runners for a while.  And if you are younger (a minor), you may want to move on to the next post.

Runners do it longer!  HAHAHA
Its a topic not shared very often.  But I will not be telling the details of my sex life other than that I have a lovely wife who I know would not appreciate me airing our intimate details into the cyber world. But I will say:  I see you checkin me out in my shorty shorts dear.... :)  RAWR.

Sex is part of life and the question to ponder is:  is sex better when you are fit?  
My personal initial thought is, is it ever BAD when you are not fit?  HAHAHA. NO.  Well, maybe! 
What increases in enjoyment and quality is a few aspects.  Firstly, when you feel good about yourself, when you are in a good place emotionally and in self-esteem, you are more apt to initiate, to be willing to have fun and be intimate with your spouse.  
Dr James White, professor at the University of California is convinced that running gives your sex life a boost.  He states that runners tend to have 15-20 % more sex than non-runners! See the article link below for more.
Top 10 Benefits of Us Runners In The Bedroom quoted from this article:
1. We are bursting with energy
2. we have practiced the moves
3. We are less stressy
4.  We are healthier
5.  We are sexier
6.  We have more confidence
7.  We are up for it
8.  We are more adventurous
9.  We are less needy
10. We have a shorter "refractory period"  (ready for second helpings sooner!)

Now has it ever been that your are too sore from your run to even think about it?  Cmon!  Im a guy!  If I was in a full body cast I would be raring to go!  Right after a marathon  there might  need a little TLC, but this is neither here nor there.

 In an article done in 2008, the findings are conclusive:
Male runners seem to have the sexual prowess of men two to five years younger, it found. Vigorous exercise, combined with lifestyle factors such as diet and not smoking, can improve a man's sexual status by up to 10 years.
"The science is very complex," says Dr. Ted Fenske, an Edmonton cardiologist who ran the Boston Marathon this year. "But running will improve vascular health and vascular health is necessary for a male to have proper sexual function." 
 When it comes to overall health, as the body becomes more heavy and fat percentages rise, men are more vulnerable to poor blood flow to the er... extremities, especially as they age.  Floppy noodle much?  No thanks! This article goes on to say that in a 2003 study done shows that for men who regularly run, they have a 30 % lesser chance of impotence as opposed to their counterparts.
What about just before a race?  Shouldn't sexual intercourse be abstained  to keep the energy levels up and therefore the race performance in hindered?  Not for women!  The same article states:

"What we discovered was that women do benefit from having sex the night before a race," says Mr. Finch, recalling the finding of Israeli physician Alexander Olshanietzky that "women compete better after orgasm."
Distance runner and three-time Olympian Lynn Jennings once remarked that "sex the night before solidifies my core feeling of happiness."

How about you?  Where is the quality at since your fitness level increased?  Im not asking for Penthouse letters, just wanting to hear how running has impacted your sexy times in general.  Has it made a difference? This is a guy who says it hasn't hurt!  Research proves it.