September 01, 2010

About Er...Chaffing

I have a new mystery...I noticed getting to  the 20 mile and beyond that there are new factors to consider.  One is the hip soreness.  But the thing is that I have had problems with chaffing now, which is a new thing to me.  I guess the mileage and sweat combination are taking its toll.  Thighs, toes, nips and my arm where I hold the ipod strap on my arm.
I think I need a visit to the running store for some lube.  
I went shirtless a few days ago for a 10k and believe it or not, when I got back, my nipples were feeling sore n chaffed!  What?  A strange mystery, since there was nothing but wind touching!  Theories?

Recovery Run

7 kmtoday as i went at a plus 6 minute km.  Felt really good just to allow my body to shuffle along, not pushing it.  Sometimes I get too caught up in getting to the destination, I lose the joy of just being.  My left hip needed the foamy before I got going, just to loosen up.  All in all a good recovery run, and a nice capper to 40 k for the week so far.  Have you ever added or subtracted while on the run?  I intended to go for 5 km this am.

August 30, 2010

33.5 km

My runtoday started noticing how great my hips felt compared to the last week.  I did not start out really sore and hobbling.  I know I was not injured, but I think the wear was showing in that part of my body.  Good to give my body a chance to recoup before plummetting into the thick of it again.
I had a great run with my time being in the 5 minutes zone, just over per km.  Ran it in 2:47 !