September 01, 2010

Recovery Run

7 kmtoday as i went at a plus 6 minute km.  Felt really good just to allow my body to shuffle along, not pushing it.  Sometimes I get too caught up in getting to the destination, I lose the joy of just being.  My left hip needed the foamy before I got going, just to loosen up.  All in all a good recovery run, and a nice capper to 40 k for the week so far.  Have you ever added or subtracted while on the run?  I intended to go for 5 km this am.


Andy Bowen said...

Hi Chad

I've seen in a couple of postings that you have "issues" with your hips. This is pretty common as most of us with our sedentary lifestyles don't engaged our hips anywhere near as much as we should.

My suggestion is that rather relying on your foam roller to loosen your hips to run, perhaps you should incorporate some hip strengthening to solve the problem.

I've written a couple of posts related to this which you could benefit from taking a look at:

Far too often we spend our time and effort treating the symptoms rather than the causes.

I took a decision to change the way I ran. It took about 6 months, but the result is no more pain, and better awareness of how the body works. I can now identify problems early and self treat. So although the physio wasn't cheap, long term it's been cost effective.

Best of luck

Chad said...

Hey Andy! Thanks so much for the feedback. I will definately read those right away, I appreciate your expertise! yes , When i ran past the 10 km milestone, it was ITB, then it was piriformis, but now it is stiff hips.
I went to a Podiatrist for eval early on and my legs are...wonky to simplify. So I have been trying a bit of Chi style to shorten my strides and cause less stress on my buttocks and knees. Now its sorting out my hips, but they seem to be holding up as long as I take care of them. I will read those articles as I love learning more about it. Cheers!