January 14, 2012

Illusive Goal 4 Minute Km (6:44 min mile)

Like Wile E. CoyoteI have my prey.  My illusive goal is an under 40 minute 10 k.  This requires a sub 4 minute km (6:44 minutes per mile).  Some are able to do it better quicker, easier than others.  Yesterday, I went on a 10 k and attempted a sub 4 minute km.  I DID IT!  Second km in, I booted it.  Exactly 4:00 minute km on my Garmin.  Then, I not only bonked, but my time was slower than my last run at almost 47:00!  Not good.
Now I am much like Wile E Coyote, I am a fool in my own genius way.  I did not eat breakfast for example.  I also HATE speed training, which is a part of the task I must face.  Can I do it for April when our local 10 k race comes to the Wine Capital of Canada?
Could it be that like my father before me, these buttocks have disappeared thus giving me little meat to charge forward in?  Do I need a boost of some sort, like a rocket or Marty McFly's futuristic shoes?  Or do I need to do intervals, hill repeats and fartleks, the BAIN of my existance, without getting injured...
Or will I hear that sound that makes the coyote cringe with self loathing, the sound my brain makes when my friend Jeremy Cook passes me just as we enter the last stretch of the race, hand out grasping for the glory.... MEEP.  MEEP.  How I hate that bird and love him with the same breath.  MEEP MEEP indeed.
Stay tuned...