April 25, 2010

Salty Sweater

I ask youwhat do you see in the salt left from my run??  This is a little known exercise to test what kind of Crazy you really are pschologically.
I see a Dementor.  This means that I feel strangely drawn to listen to Cyndi Lauper and eating warmed up mayonaisse.  I know, specific, isn't it?
I declare, today i came home from my 24 k run and only having one small flask of Gatorade,  I felt desperate for salt and sugar.  But it was a tad alarming to see the amount of salt I had exuded from my bod~!
Let me know what you see and I will tell you what that says about yourself.

DailyMile and Running Routine Hiccups

I haven't gottena run in since Tuesday.  We have been moving out of our home. I hope to go on a  longer run this afternoo, but my sleep has been all unsetled due to the stress of moving.  A 20 km seems to be a difficult slice of time out of my life right now. But the road calls me to it.  I'll get back to my regular routine eventually, otherwise, it will be stealing time here and there.

I wanted to mention a great new discovery of mine as of late.  www.Dailymile.com is a facebook for runners.  It has great features!  It keeps track for you how many kilometers each week.
I have put the widget they offer on this site.  You may invite others to be on Dailymile browse other runners in your area, and keep track of training on this site.  Check it out, join up, and invite me!  You can motivate others who are on your friendship list, keep track of goals, and can tell others about upcoming races!  This is also for triathletes, cyclists and other disciplined sports.
Have you joined??