October 21, 2009

Dark Run

Winter booshave started.  I hate when my runs are altered sue to the sun being absent.  I just cant go out with the pitch blackness of night still looming.  I bought a reflective shell to wear, but will likely need to buy a headlamp bright enough for winter dark running.  Maybe then I can get out still before work.  With my wife working longer hours, it will be very difficult to go after work, as I am with the kids.  Winter can really be a challenge.  And if it snows, don't get me started.  I need to stick then to the highways, where large semi truck zoom past me, blowing wet sand and wind at me.  The loop is about 12.5 k on my consistent run then.  Makes for a dreary run.

October 20, 2009

post marathon

Recove(red)Well, I am officially recovered from last week's 1/2 marathon.  It was not too bad, a couple of days of me quad's delayed onset soreness.  Stairs hurt.  I am hoping to do a full marathon in the new year.  I am getting fairly reflective about all my training.  It has changed me in many ways, but has only been noticed on the most surface level by others unless they talk with me.  I t has become a deeply personal place where I can pray, reflect, meditate and in an ironic way, be still.  It has also become a social outlet for connecting with those I normally would have little in common with.  So, in the next few blogs, I am going to focus on the blessings running has brought me, so that you too could be inspired to be your best!