October 01, 2010

Black Toenails and Other Bodily Whinings

I kinda love myblack toenails.  They hurt a bit, but they are like my badges.  Little black ugly badges.  I am tapering now, and now is when I feel the most like, am I really ready?!!  Trusting the taper, which many with previous experience have echoed to me, is difficult.  Rest feels wrong!I was due to have a  light run today, but it was a bit iffy on my piriformis, so I rested instead and trusted my training to be there as I massaged my glute.  Recovery is painful and feels unnatural at this point. 
I have also had a couple of days of allergic reaction to something, causing me to need my inhailer for asthma and I have been sneezing.  
Here we go... taper tantrums!