May 18, 2010

My New Challenge - The daily run

Daily MileHas messed with my head.  That total for the week looms over me, and I feel a yearning to get out more and more often to build this up. Last week I only logged 25 km.  On top of that, I have thrown down a gauntlet for myself to be able to run around Skaha Lake which apparently is about 30 km long.  So far my two hour run covers 24 km, but its been a couple of weeks since I have attempted this length due to moving and renos.  I miss that.  This morning i could have gotten up for a fast 5km, but i was weary from renos, but no more!  I will see how this can go in the next while and try to do it even if its not long ones.  ithink I will try 10 k, 5 k alternating and then a longer run on the weekend.  Lets see how this week fairs.  I think Iwill try to bring my camera on an early morning run too, for those who might like to see where I run!~

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