May 18, 2010

My New Challenge - The daily run

Daily MileHas messed with my head.  That total for the week looms over me, and I feel a yearning to get out more and more often to build this up. Last week I only logged 25 km.  On top of that, I have thrown down a gauntlet for myself to be able to run around Skaha Lake which apparently is about 30 km long.  So far my two hour run covers 24 km, but its been a couple of weeks since I have attempted this length due to moving and renos.  I miss that.  This morning i could have gotten up for a fast 5km, but i was weary from renos, but no more!  I will see how this can go in the next while and try to do it even if its not long ones.  ithink I will try 10 k, 5 k alternating and then a longer run on the weekend.  Lets see how this week fairs.  I think Iwill try to bring my camera on an early morning run too, for those who might like to see where I run!~

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Kenley said...

Hey man, dont let it mess with your head. Just quickly delete the weekly email and dont log into it. WIth all of your recent accomplishments, sometimes, running has to sit on the back burner. The important thing is to make sure you keep the stove on and let it simmer. Yes, please do bring the camera. I just shared a trail running experience with a camera and it helps with creating memories and what not. I would love to see where you run. Take care.

Chad said...

THanks Kenley.
I shook out the cobwebs this morning, hopefully I will find the time this weekend for a longer run.