October 09, 2011

Marathon Time...

Me before full on energy
After my legs just said no.

Jer sporting the numba

He's human.  Ha!  I knew it.


It was a perfectmorning for a marathon.  In Kelowna it slightly drizzled at times, sun peeking through the morning clouds, a rainbow even on the lake in our plain view.  My splits were mostly in the 4:49 / km until the last few kms where I got to over 5 minute kilometer..  Ran with my friend almost the whole way until the very end, where we parted, he coming in 30 seconds faster.
I came in 35th overall.  My time : 3:24:24.  I was hoping to best my last year's time, and it was bested. :)
I am not as sore as I was last year, and the energy level still feels up, which is a good sign.  Guess 38 is the perfect year for a bloke like me.  :D  Video will follow as soon as I get to it.
P.S.  Next day marathon hangover.  I was utterly exhausted mentally the whole day and waking up through the nite with the SOREST legs.  hahaha My heel seems quite sore especially.  Some motrin will hopefully limber me up.  I also notice how sore my shoulders are today.