December 23, 2011

Winter Running

Winteris my favorite season for most things recreastion wise in the last decade.  Mostly due to having children, I find the beauty is amazing in the Okanagan, really reminding me of winters in Ontario with snow possible each week leading to Christmas.  We got some snow the other day, so I am happy.  One of the reasons I run is that I wanted to be that dad who could keep up with the kiddies to go up the hill several times without dying.  Success! 
I do not, however enjoy slush when running or driving.  Or running NEAR driving.  My asthma can be triggered by the perfect combination of cold and pet hair, or dust, so an inhaler may be needed when winter sets in more often as well.
That being said, a nice crisp morning like I had yesterday, with the breath steamy and the snow crunching underfoot, makes me be in wonder.  I love the winter scene, it is Christmastime to me.

Merry Christmas and happy running. 

December 08, 2011

Just 5 K? Nailed it.

Just 5 K.Meh. Those were my thoughts yesterday when I had set out for a good 10k.  It was windy, and my day was shorter than I needed it to be.  I cut the run in half, and felt this defeat hit me.  Stupid 5 k.  
Then that remarkable thing happened.  A memory of my first few weeks into my running life a few years ago.  I had no gear, just motivation to change.  k's, splits, negative splits, PRs, these were not in my vocabulary.  To run 5 km in those days, would have been the awesome conquering of life.  5 km in my life would be the ultimate victory.  I remember mapping how far I had gone, and realized "hey, that was 3 km!"  What a glorious feeling!  
And this 5 km.  Nailed it.  Got er done.  It was my conquer for the day.  Success, I realize is in the eyes of the process.  How far have you come?  Where are you going?  Do you feel defeated?  Wind against you?  Need to pull back?  Is your pullback what was once your miracle?  To someone just beginning, who is seeing that obstacle of the time ahead with both dread and wonder at their newest conquest, your "pullback" is an amazing inspiration.

November 27, 2011

My Creative Edge

My bestand most brilliant ideas come from my runs.  When I am frazzled with a complex problem, or perhaps faced with a task in which I need my faculties with fresh ideas, I have found that running releases my mind to think more fluidly, allows form me to gestate on new ideas and see them through in my mind.  I have come up with great set lists for when  I am leading worship, I have thought of new approached to projects for work, I have thought through complicated cases in my practice as a counselor, all on a run.  Go out and get your brain flowing!

November 06, 2011

What Long Distance Running Teaches Me

I have startedmy masters program for counselling in the last few months.  It is an incredible amount of reading.  I have had my doubts over and over again thinking CAN I DO THIS?? This question is not where I need to lay my thoughts, as self-doubt is destructive to the psyche!  With family, work and demands on my time I have already got, the whole idea of studies seems a bit ridiculous.

In my studies I notice some parallels with my running world.  There are things I lean upon to get me through the major pile of assignments and books.
1.  Familiarity with Long Distances
One is the idea of the long run.  There are modes of thinking needed in long distance running, a discipline I can carry into my studies.  Realizing that there is a discipline and focus needed that is unique to the long run, as well as a familiarity with the course one understands as they train.  Same with studying, once a course is familiar, the load is able to be disbursed more evenly.
2.  Cheerleaders!
A big factor is also the support one needs as they train/study.  I have a spouse who is my "cheerleader" extraordinaire, she has been the one who gives me encouragement, creates space for this discipline in our routine, and pushes me when I feel overwhelmed.  Running has taught me to appreciate this.
3.  Mental Strength
Mentally, being focused for long periods of time has also been very helpful as the long run demands this.  Taking breaks is an area I am needing to work on, as the difference here is that there is no end in sight for how much I must do, so resting is difficult.  However, as I have learned from the training rest is a part of the process.  Trusting this part of the process, like the taper or the day off is counter-intuitive, yet wisdom from experience of others and now myself shows that without rest, you cannot be strengthened.
4.  Life long
This course work has no specific end in sight.  I get overwhelmed by this, yet running also has no end in sight, it is part of my life in which the payback is multifold.  I am reminded of this on the harder days, that I am a life long learner, that the journey is important and to keep up the work because there is great payoff overall.  Running has taught me that too.
5.  LIVE!
Lastly, the hope in my studies is that I can access what I want to in my life, in my career, to be the best that i can be with in my short life.  Running started out as a spark of needing to embrace life, to be ready to chase my kids, feel good, and be healthy.  I can say the same for my program of studies.

October 30, 2011


On my way out for a good 15 k this afternoon, I was waiting for my watch to upload the satellite signal, whena man I did not know came by my house.  Im about to put my headphones on and listen to the new Coldplay tunes.
He looked at me and exclaimed: "HEy!  You running? HOw far?"  
Me: 15 k
HIm: Im running, we should run together!
Me: Oh, uh, well I have a route Im going on.
HIm: Oh that is great, lets go might as well since we are both running, I will be running about 125 minutes today.
Me: Wow, well, alright I guess...

So we start running.  Chit chatting, he states he has been running for years now.  He is wearing old gym shorts and a tshirt.  He has a pot belly and a flushed face already, a man in his late 50s.
We start out, and it becomes apparent, we are on totally different pages.  He runs EXTREMELY slow for my pace.  We are talking over 8 minute kilometers, I would be shooting for sub-5 minute kilometer normally.  Hey I am no pace snob, but this feels like we are purposefully gong at a snail pace.  We got to the 3 k mark and he tells me this is faster than he is used to.  
Now I am talking to myself, saying, you know this is great, you are meetings someone new, forced to take it easy, slow down in life, appreciate the moment.
As the run goes on and I realize my 15 k will now take us over the time I had allotted for ( home into suppertime), I decide to cut it shorter.  Besides, this guy is starting to burp, fart and wheeze.  However much he is wheezing though, there is no shortage of talking.  He doe not just talk, but he more BELLOWS everything to me.  I'm attempting to pick the pace up just a tad.  I am running a few feet ahead of him, which is fine, because as we run along the road, each time there is a car, he goes running along the ditch, through brush and bramble, which I find weird.

I find out that he is single, never been married, is retired and lives alone.  And, that he has no friends (his words).  He just moved to town and does not know the lay of the land quite yet.  I am silently reminded of the movie I love: Planes Trains and Automobiles.  He is my John Candy.
As we talk, I see that we are not on any sort of ability to connect, in totally different worlds.  He would ask me a question and as I try to answer, he will cut me off with a bellowing new statement.  Im getting annoyed with the constant chatter from his end.  Part of me just keeps telling myself, that this is good, its community, we need to do this.  THe other wants to run quietly with COldplay. 
How did I end up with this guy,  I keep asking myself!
Near k 9, he asks where we go from here, and I tell him "home".  He says, Im going for another 20 minutes.  We part ways, shake hands and say goodbye.
What an interesting run today.  I learned that I like my time alone running, but that adventure is part of the journey. 

October 09, 2011

Marathon Time...

Me before full on energy
After my legs just said no.

Jer sporting the numba

He's human.  Ha!  I knew it.


It was a perfectmorning for a marathon.  In Kelowna it slightly drizzled at times, sun peeking through the morning clouds, a rainbow even on the lake in our plain view.  My splits were mostly in the 4:49 / km until the last few kms where I got to over 5 minute kilometer..  Ran with my friend almost the whole way until the very end, where we parted, he coming in 30 seconds faster.
I came in 35th overall.  My time : 3:24:24.  I was hoping to best my last year's time, and it was bested. :)
I am not as sore as I was last year, and the energy level still feels up, which is a good sign.  Guess 38 is the perfect year for a bloke like me.  :D  Video will follow as soon as I get to it.
P.S.  Next day marathon hangover.  I was utterly exhausted mentally the whole day and waking up through the nite with the SOREST legs.  hahaha My heel seems quite sore especially.  Some motrin will hopefully limber me up.  I also notice how sore my shoulders are today.

October 08, 2011

Marathon Hopes

The nite beforethe big race, we sit in our digs, and we think about the upcoming day. What goes through my head?  Please Lord, don't let me crap my pants. PLEASE.  Also, remembering all the items one needs on a long run while away from home.  Gels, liquids, breakfast, gear, shoes, and whatever comes to my mind.  Bought some chocolate milk for recovery afterwards.
I am hoping for a 3:30 or under race.  I have trained for such a pace. Tomorrow is its own day though.
I hope I enjoy the run as much as I did last year.  It was inspired and I hope to be inspired tomorrow.  My music was an important part of the experience, so a marathon set list was very important. 
On my set list:
Chris Tomlin
Florence and the Machine
Luke Dowler
David Cook
Michael Jackson
Hillsong United
Caedmans Call

Hope the sunshine lasts, it will be great anyhow.  Afterwards, it may be to Costco for lunch with the family.  What do they have for recovery anyhow?  Yipes.  Might need to stop somewhere along the way to lunch.  
Life is good.

October 01, 2011

Goodbye, Toenail

Good bye toenail.Hello Marathon! Next week is my marathon in Kelowna, my second.  I am hoping for a sub 3:30:00 time.  Today felt fantastic!  completed 20 km in 1:35, kept getting under a 4:45 km, which was impossible in the last month.  Guess my legs are recovering nicely. :)

September 29, 2011

Kelowna Marathon Taper

I am so relieved!My taper has begun! I have not been so happy to reduce my distances.  NO injuries to report, I have been very careful to keep my stride in check rather then overextending myself.  My Marathon is on October 9th, Canada's Thanksgiving Sunday.
This year has been a whilrwind of time consuming activity.  I commute 1.5 hours each way to work for a total of about 1200 km each day.  This is about 800 miles. I have had friends and family tell me about their long commutes.  IT changes everything.  When I get up, how energetic I feel, whether the run will be interesting or dark, it all factors in.  All you commuters out there, stick to it!  It is worth it even if it feels like just another activity!  Get up a half hour early, just get in a 5 k.  DOn't worry if you need to cut it short because you couldn't find a clean pair of socks fast enough!
I have stuck to it and and even signed up to the Kelowna full marathon.  I am glad I forced myself to do it.  I am VERY happy the taper has begun.  Saturdays have been the only time I did not need to get up, so 3 plus hour long runs are happily exchanged for shorter runs.
I am aiming to beat my time from last year of 3:27:57.  My last longer run was 3:07 for 38 km.  We will see!

September 18, 2011

Poor Little Toe

Well, thereit is. My toe after marathon training this year.  Pretty gross.  It was actually worse when I didn't know that it was a blister UNDER my toenail, all puffy, then I poked it, it drained.  Looks like Ill lose it altogether.  You can see the remaining damage from my previous year's big toenail damage.  Ah, well, toes are toes.  Training has gone well, now comes the taper.  I have been looking forward to the taper this year, as my life has been extremely busy, hence the lack of posting lately.  I have started my Master's program while working full time and all the other stuff I am involved with, and looking for my next position, which is still not resolved.  Geting mileage in has been a challenge.

September 04, 2011

My New Garmin

Trainingfor the fall marathon, and life has been intense.  Got myself a Garmin 405, which was a gift from my beautiful wife and a bunch of my loved ones around me. This has changed my running thought processes.  Now I am intent on a certain pace at an accurate interval of distance.  It's is very helpful to see how fast or slow I am at any given moment during the long run.  It is very high tech, more than what one would generally need as a runner, but I am enjoying the discovery of it!
My training has been fairly good, I had to make some quick decisions while away on vacation to get my mileage ready for the marathon, so I rushed it a tad over the 10% rule. SO far, so good.  My weekly mileage is not great, I only averaged 60 k this last week and less on other weeks.  I just don't have the time lately. If I get up any earlier I will be falling asleep at the wheel on my 1.5 hr commute.  5k is all I can manage some mornings.
I will be running the Kelowna Marathon from BMO.  It is my third time, first time being the half.  Yesterday I had my long run, 33.5 k in 2 hours 50 minutes.  It was brutal.  I had run 10 k the day before, which may have affected my longevity.  WEll that is about it for now.  More to come!

August 08, 2011

Are You On Dailymile?

Just thoughtI would throw this out there for you to ponder.  Click Dailymile to get connected to other runners at all levels.  I have been a part of this "facebook" for athletes, and I have found it really helpful to keep connected, hear what others are saying, receive support and advice and to encourage others.  The features that are most helpful is the logging of my training.  This has helped me with mapping routes, logging kilometers, and setting goals for myself.  Dailymile keeps stats on your progress, from how many burgers you have burned to how you have been progressing over the last month/year/week.  It is a great find.  And once you have signed upu for this FREE service, look me up and invite me to become friends on Dailymile with you!  I land there daily. :) 

August 03, 2011

Partner up!

Partners have been few and far between when it comes to my last year of running.  Maybe you are like me and commute pretty far and just cant seem to get together like you use to.  I went on my holiday to beautiful Victoria and my friend Jeremy and I ran four times together during our week there.  Our last was most definitely our most spectacular view-wise! 

What I wanted to note on my contribution today was that with a partner, we made incredible splits, really.  Our time flew by and what I noticed is that I hardly realized we were pushing the tempo.  We made a 4:03 minute km!   I need to keep intentionally getting together with him.  Jeremy, for example, is naturally speedy.  He use to frustrate me when we were first starting out running because I felt like he was always slightly competitive to keep just a bit ahead.  What I have realized is that I am the one who is competitive naturally, he's just freaking faster! It was also great to just do something so cathartic, chat, and enjoy the views on our holiday on foot.
Partners = good. :)

I included some pictures for you to see what we saw.

July 19, 2011

July 13, 2011

Lock, Frock and Mock(ing bird)

Weirdest workout finding:I was running along and found, within twenty feet of each other, three items.  Help me form the scenario with them from the previous Saturday night. 
Found:  One pair of broken flip flops, one dead bird, one ...what appeared to be... long black dread lock severed from a person's head. 

Exactly.  I was confounded by those three items. 
Have you ever seen odd items while running?
They were found close to the local hospital.

July 02, 2011

The Perfect Body

When I was young,I dreamed of the perfect body, living in a machine of flesh that was picture perfect, turning heads, making waves.  I set out to do this.  I honed my understanding of the discipline and knowledge of how to get that quest fulfilled.  I watched what I ate.  I ate a lot of chicken, because, protein to a muscly, lean ripped body, was paramount.  I went to the gym religiously.  I dreamed focused, OBSESSED about this body.  I had mediocre results.  It cost a lot.  To achieve such a body that you see on magazine and movies, there is a need to sacrifice, mirror gaze, self-flagellate, starve and become a machine.  In essence, you train until you become what you train for.  This is all fine and dandy, and given that you may have been blessed as some of my friends were (like one!) with the genes to have great muscled results;  this is a dangling carrot on a stick.   I however was a hard gainer with a stubborn jelly belly. Problem is, that as a man of God on his way to becoming more like Jesus, and being shown who I am from Hi s perspective, it become glaringly apparent that I am not an Adonis in the commercial sense.  NOPE. In fact about .000004% of men are.  Movie stars and models who sport a six pack, barrel chests and horseshoes tris are professionally obligated to regiment their lives around their appearance.  I have not been called to that, nor am I easily attaining to this.  
SO where did this leave me?  How do I achieve the perfect body?  Well, it took some healing.  I needed my heart to hear over and over:  "You have the perfect body."  God repeating himself to my heart, putting confidence in my own created flesh to understand that as a man created by him intentionally, I was perfectly made.  I can be who I was created to be in excellence by discovering what is healthfully giving me life and I found that bodybuilding, fine in its own discipline, would continue to suck the life, the time, the energy from me with results that would never satisfy.  I would never measure up, never be that man on the cover, cuz that is not who I was created to be.  
At my work I saw the contentment in a man who was 20, wheelchair bound, and needed daily support to live his life.  He was perfectly made and never thought about how he didn't measure up.  He passed away from a disease that ate away his muscle.  Was he less loved, less of a man than me?  Not at all.  He was perfectly made.
What I discovered was that I was already what I was designed to be, and that running fit me perfectly.  Metaphorically, allegorically, poetically, spiritually, physically, maritally, I am born to run.  It calls to me like the gym never has.  Nothing wrong with the gym, but getting out on the road, lacing up my shoes, kissing my bride goodbye as she continues to sleep and looking in the mirror with satisfaction for a body that CAN run, is blessed to run, gives me more than I could ever have dreamed.  I love how strong, how intense I feel when running.  I lov eknowing that pushing myself is a strength that God talks to me through, like when I sing, paly guitar, even pray, it comes to me naturally because its who I am.  I have the perfect bod.  Check me out.  Take me in, drink in my freakin' essence.  BAM.  Chad is here.  Thank you Creator.

June 23, 2011

Its The Little Choices

I have notedthat with my training, and with anything that has a larger goal to it, its the so-called tiny decisions that make success or failure a reality.
With training, its the decisions to go out in the early morning, its the choice of snack, its the small micro decisions, which include how you talk about yourself, whether I am taking care of my sleep, what I snack on.  It takes a thousand micro decisions to achieve a monumental task. Discipline is a thousand assigned decisions focused on a larger goal.
My smaller decisions have included poorer ones lately, but my goals have been largely unfocussed with no races in sight until the fall and work keeping me so busy and focused.  

June 06, 2011

Goodbye, Dear Ipod, Hello New Friend

She ran with me, drove long distances with me, sat in traffic jams with me, sang to me, read to me, made me laugh, made me cry.  My friend, my ipod.  She worked until her dying days.  Some cold winter runs, she would go as long as she could but she would fall asleep half way out.  Bless her.  In her glory days, she would last for hours singing to me, talking into my ears.  Reading me stories of Harry Potter, of Hobbits, and of messages I needed to hear.
She is going to a better place.

On another note.  There is a new lady in my life.  Her name is Nano.  She has less memory (16 Gb versus the 30 of her predecessor), but overall will make me happy.  She will have a good life, and she will be with me for many a day. 
Goodbye dear friend, hello sweet new thang!

June 01, 2011

Music Schmuzic

Who needs all that noise anyhow? Lately, I have been without anything to listen to. Having spent an inordinate amount of time on the road, traveling, relying on my music to keep my mind alert, as I trek to work I have neglected to use anything whilst running. With so much alone time, I need to feel like I have different modes of travel: music, silence, talkative, whatever.  Silence while running keeps my mind wandering, focusing on my pace and my breathing. My mind more immediately goes to prayer and to sorting things in my day out.  It also keeps me alert to my surroundings. 
I often have a song in my head repeating itself. Why is Lady Gaga there so much? It must be the tempo of my foot falls.
My daughter's ipod has been misplaced as well, and my ipod is not reliable. Do I miss it? Not lately, but I will.
I have a tendency to get into a familiar routine and when it works, I will wear it obsessively into the ground until I know it inside and out. Occasionally I need a refreshing from this, keeps things interesting.
Lately I have forged a new route, I call it the black sage route and it is 15 k plus some change. Im going the opposite dirention to the normal 10 k or 13 k routes I have in my repertoire, but with my longer commute, it keeps my mileage up to a decent amount.
Do any other runners do the OCD thing and then change it up like me?

May 21, 2011

External Hip Rotator Stretch Success

Mystery SolvedAround  sore hips for this runner, it seems .  I have blogged about my ongoing tightness in the hip areas for a while now.  I am noting that as I have been injury free for over a year now, that there a re a few factors that are working.  One is that I am trying to keep in mind my running form, pursuing a more "Chi" apprach, keeing my strides shorter.  THis seems to keep me aligned and less likely to have piriformis issues.  
THe other side of this is my hips.  I have not really been stretching all of my muscles as I use to for a couple of years now, I will if they feel tight.  I am pretty flexible, BUT I went in to my chiropractor who looked  at my external hip rotators flexibility and he noted how stiff one side was.  I have discovered how to reach that area, which had eluded me until I found this excercise, which is actually quite difficult at times!  I have a hard time liking this exercise because it hurts!
I have posted this before but I feel its worth touting how helpful its been.  I should probably post a youtube of ME doing this stretch.  This guy is so calm and silent.

Once the flexibility has improved, it gives me a better chance to keep away from injury.  Tightening of this for me works its way into bad running form, compensating all over the place until my ass hurts suddenly and I wonder WHY.  I have had people say, are your hips sore today?  They note when I haven't been working on this area and I then realize oops I need to do some more stretching.

May 13, 2011

Revival of the Legs

Taking a leaf from all the inspiring movies I have ever watched, running perhaps is the most inspiring thing I have been involved in, save perhaps when I was in a play at the age of 29.  It clears the mind, lifts my spirit, makes me see things from a different perspective.  I have most of my bigger ideas, or creative moments whilst beyond my 3rd km.
I have run with my music blaring, my voice lifted up to Jesus, I have run with tears streaming, hashing through some pain I experienced, I have run with a carefree freedom like a little child.
RUnning is that to those who love it, the place to open up and let life happen at its edge.  
Perhaps its partially due to the mode the mind goes in from all the dopamine, perhaps its all the oxygen coursing, but being in the zone is really one of the greatest rewards.  I remember the zone during my first marathon.  I was listening to music and it had started to rain, rain drips hung from my hat brim, and I felt fan-freakin-tastic.  My legs were in a mode all their own, it was my training and my lifted spirit that was keeping me in such a great place.
Running is  gift.  My body, a gift.  This moment is a gift as is each moment hereafter.  Run on!  FI you are feeling discouraged or liek you will never make it to your goal, just look at the activity you did last and realize that it was all your gift carrying you, you heart pumping, your legs.  Keep plodding!  The goal will come with each choice.  Cheers!

May 03, 2011

AHHH Sunny Days Are Here Again

Its A tellingfeature of summer whn you can get up and the sun is actually aobut to get up with you!  It has been much easier to get out on the road lately.  I got myself some new running shoes, New Balance 1080s.  So far I  think I like them, but since they are so new and my feet are sore from the outdone 883s I last had, time will tell.  I have 60 days trial through roadrunnersports to see if they are okay. They squeak though, with the orthotics in them!  Need to fix that.  My longest runs have been 15 k or so, I am finding joy in capping my distances lately and just enjoying the moments I can carve out.  Pulled out the tunes, too now that I dont have to think so much when on the road in the dark.
I noticed I likely scared eveeryone a couple of entries ago when I talked about Sex!  Haha!  hey man its life.  i hope it enlightened and helped motivate those who need a bit of reasoning behind getting out on the trails and roads.

A person at work has been asking me running advice, updating me on her runs, and this has been an unexpected encouragement!  She has rally caught the bug!  That is inspiring to me.

Mens Road Runner Sports Dryroad Elite Low 3PK, Color:White/Navy/Royal, M

April 23, 2011

Weathered and Withered

My life has been asking a lot of me in the last 8 months.   A three hour commute, a new and complex caseload, and meetings when i get home to go to with church and community involvements have all challenged me to dig deep and keep going on in running this year.  It has been the hardest for me to get up in the morning even earlier for shorter runs, I covet Saturday mornings to not just get up and run, but to chill.  I am seeing people a way less than I use to in my personal life.  Finding the sweet spot (like right now) to go and run has been a hard sell to my soul.  I have been working away at keeping it a priority to pretty good success although my dailymile buddies are kicking my butt on the mileage!
The weather has finally warmed up this week to a point where I am not going to feel like wearing my winter gear anymore.  Its been a stupid long winter.  This is exciting!  I did not do the 10k I have done for the last couple of years.  No goal.  
So here I sit to blog about what.  Last week it was about sex. Motivation?  Nah, I have that.  Priorities?  Probably more of this.  Keeping my regime in the priority list is a constant reshuffle as my obligations encroach my long term health priorities.  So enough of this writing.  I need to get out there.
Here I go!

Where do you get help to dig deep and re-prioritize when life is demanding?  Give me some inspiration!

April 17, 2011

Does A Runner Have Better Sex?

First, Let me say, I have wanted to write something about sex lives of runners for a while.  And if you are younger (a minor), you may want to move on to the next post.

Runners do it longer!  HAHAHA
Its a topic not shared very often.  But I will not be telling the details of my sex life other than that I have a lovely wife who I know would not appreciate me airing our intimate details into the cyber world. But I will say:  I see you checkin me out in my shorty shorts dear.... :)  RAWR.

Sex is part of life and the question to ponder is:  is sex better when you are fit?  
My personal initial thought is, is it ever BAD when you are not fit?  HAHAHA. NO.  Well, maybe! 
What increases in enjoyment and quality is a few aspects.  Firstly, when you feel good about yourself, when you are in a good place emotionally and in self-esteem, you are more apt to initiate, to be willing to have fun and be intimate with your spouse.  
Dr James White, professor at the University of California is convinced that running gives your sex life a boost.  He states that runners tend to have 15-20 % more sex than non-runners! See the article link below for more.
Top 10 Benefits of Us Runners In The Bedroom quoted from this article:
1. We are bursting with energy
2. we have practiced the moves
3. We are less stressy
4.  We are healthier
5.  We are sexier
6.  We have more confidence
7.  We are up for it
8.  We are more adventurous
9.  We are less needy
10. We have a shorter "refractory period"  (ready for second helpings sooner!)

Now has it ever been that your are too sore from your run to even think about it?  Cmon!  Im a guy!  If I was in a full body cast I would be raring to go!  Right after a marathon  there might  need a little TLC, but this is neither here nor there.

 In an article done in 2008, the findings are conclusive:
Male runners seem to have the sexual prowess of men two to five years younger, it found. Vigorous exercise, combined with lifestyle factors such as diet and not smoking, can improve a man's sexual status by up to 10 years.
"The science is very complex," says Dr. Ted Fenske, an Edmonton cardiologist who ran the Boston Marathon this year. "But running will improve vascular health and vascular health is necessary for a male to have proper sexual function." 
 When it comes to overall health, as the body becomes more heavy and fat percentages rise, men are more vulnerable to poor blood flow to the er... extremities, especially as they age.  Floppy noodle much?  No thanks! This article goes on to say that in a 2003 study done shows that for men who regularly run, they have a 30 % lesser chance of impotence as opposed to their counterparts.
What about just before a race?  Shouldn't sexual intercourse be abstained  to keep the energy levels up and therefore the race performance in hindered?  Not for women!  The same article states:

"What we discovered was that women do benefit from having sex the night before a race," says Mr. Finch, recalling the finding of Israeli physician Alexander Olshanietzky that "women compete better after orgasm."
Distance runner and three-time Olympian Lynn Jennings once remarked that "sex the night before solidifies my core feeling of happiness."

How about you?  Where is the quality at since your fitness level increased?  Im not asking for Penthouse letters, just wanting to hear how running has impacted your sexy times in general.  Has it made a difference? This is a guy who says it hasn't hurt!  Research proves it.

April 08, 2011

Updates, great run today

Had toblog about my run i just finished.I completed my 5.3 k in 24 minutes.  Not my beest time, but considering my times lately, and the amount of energy I have been having, I consider this a boost!  That turns out to just about a 4:30/km.  Motivators:  A friend on Daily mile (Brian) has been working hard last month to gain, and his pr from highschool got nearly met at 19 minute 5 k!  This along with a more local friend her ein town has been laying it down and inspiring me to kick it up.  
Now ith the 100 pushups, it fell apart, and I am not giving up, but since our trip I have not been chipping away at that goal.  More core work is needed.
What inspires you to hit the pavement with more vigor?

April 03, 2011

Hiccups and Haitus

Disneylandwas my mileage for over a week.  By the end of my time there, in which I had not gone on an official run.  I did however, cover a lot of turf, concrete turf.
I felt so exhausted by the end, going from early morn to late night, and got sick by the end.  So I have been taking it easy from my regime.  Picking it up again tomorrow.  I am looking forward to this next week getting back out on the trail.

March 12, 2011

2nd SOWA Half Corked Marathon in 2011

SOLD OUT!SOWA 1/2 CORKED MARATHON was predictably a hit last year here in the South Okanagan.  It will be held on May 29, 2011.   Making a cancellation list is the only way at this point until they grow the capacity of this event.
Showcasing the area's wineries which tote some of the highest accolades in the world around wine, this event is a fun way to both run and taste. Nowhere but to go up with this kind of event.  Not sure how actually competitive this type of race will be overall, but it would be an experience, running to different wineries and sampling, enjoying the terrain and beautiful wineries in the area.  Check it out.  I met the director today and chatted about the event, he expects growth as it becomes more well known, which has already happened this second time around.

I found a review from a runner in this event:

The sun was shining in Osoyoos this morning and it was a great day to drink wine and drink wine and drink wine.....oh and run :)
As you can see from the photo, Peter Pan and Captain Hook were at the race!
We were also very excited to see the grape lady there too - so we had to get a picture with her.
The race had a great spirit - there was 250 runners between the ages of 19 & 69!!
Over half of the runners dressed up and there was a costume parade before the race started.
The terrain was gorgeous with about half the race being on trails through the vineyards - Stace and I were really pleased with that as we are not much for road runners.
We didn't have to run far between wine tasting stations :) The maximum distance was 5km which was the last leg of the race. The rest of the race there was wine stations every 1.5 - 3 kms. Mmmm, wine.
Stace and I definitely enjoyed the fun atmosphere of the race. With 6 wine stops we ran the 17.7km in 1h50min. Our "Disney" team ran the race together and had to take some breaks for the princesses - they don't like running hills :)
All in all it was a great experience - we definitely had our fill of wine and we can wait to work on our costumes for next year!!

March 07, 2011


I have beguna program to start strengthening my core.  at hundred there is a program I am trying.  First thing to do is to test how many pushups in a row you can do in good form.  I did 24.  Next day, i started the program.  3X per week, I am training.  Gotta say, yesterday being my first session, I am SORE.
More to come on that.  I am also starting some plank exercises to strengthen my abs. 
I gotta say, I do love a good set of visible abdominal muscles for just the asthetics of shirtlessness.  Unfortunately, it lays for me underneath a layer of flab!  This has a lot to do with my gene pool I climb out of, but I am not merely looking for the showiness of the squares on my stomach, I am looking to help my form remain pure through this pursuit of a sub 40 minute 10 k.  My long runs have caused my core to show their true weaknesses and as much as I have resisted, I am hoping to tackle this as a complete plan for speeding up without getting injured.   I will also be employing the Wii Fit yoga poses to make it more fun, and to encourage my kids to participate.
So more to come on that too!

March 05, 2011

Watching The Weak Points From Speedwork

Yesterday'shill repeats, I'm feeling them where it usually trips me up, right in the gluteus medius.or minimus (its hard to distinguish, one being on top of the other). (thats what she said) :)
Yup my arse.  As usual, from my hip down into the lower part of my buttock is sore.  I need to keep an eye on this as it has tripped me up in the past and I have had a good stint about a year now of injury free running.  If I could only have the buttocks of an adonis.  But sadly, I have my father's arse.  which is to say, I dont have much of one.  Area of weakness.
What's more, is working on core strength will in the long run help me find proper form when i am maxed out and feeling tired.  Form tends to get lost first, and injury follows.  More to come.
On another note, I had to take a break from running for a few days this week as my left calf was extremely DOS (Delayed Onset Soreness).  Trying to wrack my brains as to what could have caused this, I realized on Monday morning I was sitting on the couch and got up with a numb lower leg, it was comical and strange as I tried to walk on my left leg and it kept giving out like a weird robot movement.  Next day:  Extremely sitff and sore calf muscle!  It was after a run so my theory is cutting off blood flow to that muscle on the couch created some sort of soreness akin to doing calf raises to the max.  OUCH.  and weird.

March 04, 2011

Hill Hell

Did the dreaded hills. Accomplished good times, but still hated hem with much vigor.  For those who desire, you may follow my prgress to a sub 40 10 k goal on  Here is my link:
It was not as frosty this morning which is nicer on the lungs and face.
For those who may not have noticed, I have added a vlog on the page (upper left corner) to introduce myself, more to come I hope in the future, thought it is nice to match a face with the blog and to check that I am not just some couch potato (that was the old me!) pretending and stealing other people's photos!
In all today it was a short but intense run.  Did I mention I hate hills? :P

February 25, 2011


Had quite a few reasons to feel low yesterday.  Started to run, but it was cold, so I turned around and came back inside.  Came home early after a long day discovering a few things that were discouraging.  Eventually I forced myself to go for a run.  This was a 'shake it off' kind of event.  The run had stiff cold wind in the face  the first half.  It was time to clear the head and get some inspiration.  I have much to be thankful for.  I was pretty glum all day, but as i ran, God began to speak to my heart.  "I am able" he kept repeating to my heart."you can and will make it" he said to me.  By the end of the run, I felt like I could face some things I was dreading.  Sometimes the run is my hotline to sanity!  And there was much to be thankful for when i got back, including my beautiful and supportive wife and children to hang out with and my worship team which I had scheduled a practice with where the music hit me right between the eyes that I have a BiG God who loves me and is able to meet all my needs.
Today is a new day and new possibilities arise with the sun!

February 12, 2011

REST is the BEST

There is a differencebetween being a lay-about and truly resting.   Sometimes when life is getting too crazy and demanding, its tough to get your butt out the door for a long time sweating and panting, changing and showering.  I am having that kind of stretch.  What I do know however, that in the long run (pun?  oopsy!) it is going to pay off in many worthy ways.  
That is not how it always works in the payoff department however.  For example, if I have been sleep deprived, I can not preform ideally.  Getting a good nights sleep is paramount to a focussed mind, a regenerated body and a primed recoup from the previous day.  I have gone out for runs in a unrested state and noticed my energy levels have little reserve.

Does this mean I skip whenever I feel tired?  Nope.  It does mean that I may alter my running regime.  A long run may turn to half that mileage.  My intensity may need to back off to a recovery pace.

Rest does not mean stillness on all accounts.  Just as an injury can call for some change up in what discipline a person uses, rest can mean perhaps switching how the running looks.  Being a driven person on many accounts, this can be very difficult.  It can represent a threat to the big plan.  However, looking at it form the perspective of staying on the plan long term rather than burning out or being injured, rest can take on a longevity dose!

So , if your schedule is taking it out of you, back off a bit, go for a easy run with  a friend, cross train, or even take a full rest and sleep in.  Your big plan will still be achieved if you think of it as a part of your investment! 
Happy running!

February 07, 2011

First marathonsbring about something very unique in a man.  I saw what I was made of.  This winter I have had to reenvision why I run.  This happens after accomplishing something so monumental in your life.  What is next?  What else can I do?  Not hard to come up with reasons why I run but with the way i felt the months after my first marathon I had to dig deep!  Weariness hit me and my longer commute made runs problematic.  My runs have been slower than they have been in a while.

I am looking at speed next.  I have another 10 k in April.  This will be  my third, as I still have yet to get under 40 minutes, however when i try to work on speed, inevitably I get injured.  So next I will be looking at speed work without the incapacitation.  BLech.  To be honest, I hate speedwork.  The anaerobic state is one that makes my poor bod break down.  I have a harder time conquering time.  This is something I can try for the next few months.
UNDALAY!  Ariba!
We'll see...

UPDATE:  Did my first speed workout this morning.   Hill repeats.  Best of my hill was 37 seconds, normally it takes me around 45 seconds.  Repeat 6 times after a 2.5 k ish run.  25 minute workout total.  I did not thoroughly enjoy them.  Asthma was a struggle today too.  Im glad i started up  speed work and this blog helped my arse in gear. 

February 04, 2011

VOTE Running Man for TOP 100 RUNNING SITES !

VOTE! This site has been here to inspire and keep myself and all of you motivated in your pursuits in fitness and health for the last couple of years.  Over 100 blog entries!  

Vote for this site!  Go to this link: Running Sites to vote for it to be in the top 100 list!  Once you've clicked on the link, all you have to do is scroll down to where it says "Click Here to Enter" and then scroll down and find "Running Man" and click on it. That will cast your vote.

Thank you for stopping by on your busy day, it means so much to have you reading, for feedback, encouragement and responses!  What a great running community spread all over the world!  
I look around at the places you come from and feel the world is smaller!  From India to France, to Japan and even Africa!  Of course the North American readers are incredibly diverse as well!
Thanks for reading my tiiny thoughts, of my tiny life and tiny pursuits, and letting me in on yours as well!
Now go and vote! YA!

February 02, 2011


No ipodhas been on my self for a few months now!  WIth winter being too cold to keep my battery functioning for more than half a song, I gave up.  Also, being aware of my surroundings (such as the stalking wildlife around me) has been important in the darker times of the day that I run.
But no matter!  I have the built in ipod in my own little skull.  Seriously.  I am haunted by songs.  Some of them are great. Some not so much.  
A song wil take form with my rhythm of pace.  Da da da dada Doooooooooooooo!  Then it will haunt me.  Trying to shift channels when you are trying to get away from a tune for me is like repeating "dont think of rabbits".  Guess what I imagine?  A ten foot rabbit.

"Uptown girl" by Billy Joel has been haunting me, lately.  Seriously.  Its got this rhythm that I cant stop but to sing it through in my head to the pace of my running!
What songs haunt you? 

January 24, 2011

Euphoric Long Run

Just got back from my long run.  I ran 18.3 k (11.8 miles) at 1:43:48 (5:40 km pace).  Just a personal note that I have been running shorter distances, and not felt terrific during, but accomplished.  When i get into a longer run, its not until perhaps the 8 or 9th km that I get into my rhythm and feel truly in a groove.  
Just sayin.

January 18, 2011

Secrets to Sticking With It

Keeping your resolve to be healthy, active and a person of constant improvement can test you in many ways!  Our culture wants the "Secret to Overnight Success!" or "Three Simple Ways To Cheat Your Diet and Still Lose Weight!".  Losing 30 pounds in 3 months is much more appealing to most people than in a year.  When I first started running, it took 5 months to lose a mere 15 pounds!  It was excruciatingly slow!  Having a goal in mind is a good thing, but expecting overnight success is not fair!
I have a few people around me at all times who are attempting the next fad or wave or trend in weight loss, in health inprovement, mostly at the expense of their pocket books and waist lines.  The problem is this:  making weight loss alone  as my goal for me just will not work!  Numbers are an obsession for our culture.  But in reality, to be overall healthy, numbers are just a side effect of overall healthier living, and in much more long term beneficial ways will only change slowly over time.  
The challenge for me in this and perhaps for you who may be starting running, is that my draw for my attention has to become about the enjoyment of change, of taking better care of myself, of resolving through the discomfort of activity into the euphoria of achievement and endorphins!

Here's my recommendation:  ditch the daily weigh - in.  Keep your pocket change.  Put on a pair of runners and run  on  a regular basis, eat good portions and love the investment of health in your life.  Check the numbers occasionally (monthly?) , talk to people who have long-term success in change of health and know your are getting somewhere at your body's own pace.  

January 09, 2011

Running And Prayer

For those daysI have specific concerns, needs, stress, worries or just need to unload some things in my heart, running becomes that intimate place that I can connect with God.  Im no spiritual wonder kin.  Im just a guy who lives God and who has committed his life to more than just the daily grind,,like  getting my piece of the pie.  Running itself lends itself to working things out physically.   However, it is my prayer life, my walk with God that enhances my running.  He has changed my life so  radically.  That relationship changes everything on my runs; my mind focuses, my heart reaches out and I find God there waiting for me to focus on Him.  
Prayer and running, especially my longer runs, become a rhythm to pace my heart to a different beat.
Yesterday the Father brought some people to mind who need prayer, and some who I need to forgive.  Today this impression was repeated in a sermon from my friend; forgiveness is key to growing, to being free personally and relationally.  I am glad I was able to hear it before today's worship service.
Prayer is not complicated.  We are made to pray, to reach out to our Creator.  We do it whether we mean to or not.  You may want to try it on your next run.  Just being thankful and saying thank you and then asking questions is a great start.  These were some of my first prayers.  Are you out there?  Could you show me?  Thanks for my family, my life! 
The endorphins alone are a great reason to run, but my prayer life just naturally seeps into my meditative exercise regime.

January 01, 2011

Blood Alcohol Content and the Transforming Runner

For Happy New Year, for those who are finding the festivities, you may be wondering how alcohol works for your transforming body.  What do I mean?  Many who have been running, and their bodies getting fit, their amounts of enjoying the holiday cheer might need a little revisit.
When thinking about how much drink get you drunk, there is no other way to figure it out than these charts.
As you may notice, for those who are losing body weight, it takes less alcohol to get the same BAC as before!
What it means is for my 155 lb frame, is that whereas before it would take 4 servings of alcohol to get me over .08 , now it only takes me 3!  Although some would regret this, for those optimists, it means it just takes less to get there!