May 21, 2011

External Hip Rotator Stretch Success

Mystery SolvedAround  sore hips for this runner, it seems .  I have blogged about my ongoing tightness in the hip areas for a while now.  I am noting that as I have been injury free for over a year now, that there a re a few factors that are working.  One is that I am trying to keep in mind my running form, pursuing a more "Chi" apprach, keeing my strides shorter.  THis seems to keep me aligned and less likely to have piriformis issues.  
THe other side of this is my hips.  I have not really been stretching all of my muscles as I use to for a couple of years now, I will if they feel tight.  I am pretty flexible, BUT I went in to my chiropractor who looked  at my external hip rotators flexibility and he noted how stiff one side was.  I have discovered how to reach that area, which had eluded me until I found this excercise, which is actually quite difficult at times!  I have a hard time liking this exercise because it hurts!
I have posted this before but I feel its worth touting how helpful its been.  I should probably post a youtube of ME doing this stretch.  This guy is so calm and silent.

Once the flexibility has improved, it gives me a better chance to keep away from injury.  Tightening of this for me works its way into bad running form, compensating all over the place until my ass hurts suddenly and I wonder WHY.  I have had people say, are your hips sore today?  They note when I haven't been working on this area and I then realize oops I need to do some more stretching.

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