March 23, 2010

Music Plug: U2's Artificial Horizon

No Line On the Horizonis a pretty good album, and I listen to it on my ipod on my runs.  I have just recently however, aquired a new album from them, its called "Artificial Horizon" and is the remix versions of songs like "Get On Your Boots", "Elevation", and "Ill Go Crazy If I Dont Go Crazy Tonite" are intensely driving and keep my pace quick.  Great album for running too for sure.  I would like to hear any other albums you listen to to keep motivated, keep your pace intense or just like to hear.  Look it up to order here.

March 21, 2010

Gluteus Minimus Sore

Due for a long runjust now, but as I crept down the stairs I felt an ache in my glute.  Went to the chiropractor a few weeks ago and he diagnosed something different to do with my gluteus minimus this time.  I will be taking it easy and stretching and foam rolling.  He noted by hips and rotators were limited in range of motion.  I want to avoid prerace injury so I will be visiting him again.
Here it is: