January 16, 2010

New PR!

It just felt right.You ever had one of those days.  The sun was out, the temp was warmer and I knew if I went and applied myself I could make a PR.
New PR:
5 Km : 19:49
10 km : 41:02

This brings me so much closer to realizing my goal of a sub 40 10k.  I felt pretty tired just before the 5 km mark, but I pressed through and let up a bit adding over a minute to my second split time.  But that being said, I still rocked my previous bests.

January 15, 2010

The Stretch Experiment

So I quit stretching.There, I said it.  Well, to be honest, I quit stretching post run for the most part out of laziness and my mind being elsewhere.  So far, I havent really noticed.  Is it really that necessary?  The reasonI ask is due to one particular friend of mine who shall remain nameless (Jerry) who refuses (Cook) at times around me to stretch.  If he doesnt have to (like the robot that he is) take care like this, then do I?? 
I give the obligatory calf stretch a few seconds, but then just stop.  I stretch all the time, much to my wife's mockery ("bend your knees when you are looking for things on the floor you look so ridiculous!"), but my habit has slid from performing stretches rigourously post run to not stretching much at all after my shorter runs especially.  I know I have rarely let myself stretch for as long as recommended.  Maybe in the shower to let my nether regions get a good rinse off, but not really as long as I should.  So I am going to call it my stretch experiment.  Thats right, it sounds more noble if it sounds intentionally exploratory.  I still sit at my desk and figure four my ITB and I stand naturally work on my hips (piriformis accasionally too), but for record I have been a undisciplined stretcher.  Anyone else drop habits like this?  Has it caused any grief?? Maybe its the rebel in me questioning the legitimacy of all the calf, hamstring and quad stretches I have not really felt the benefits from.  Great now that I have said this, I will be extra diligent, I am sure.

January 11, 2010

SOWA 1/2 Corked Marathon May 29th/30th

News:Right on my front doorstep we are having a new marathon put on by the local wineries.  This is fashioned after the French Marathon Marathon Du Medoc .  Very exciting! More details will come, but it sounds like a lot of fun and will be encorporating visiting the different abundance of wineries in the area.  The Okanagan, specifically where we live in the south are world reknowned for the wonderful red wines produced by our hot dry climate in the summer.  I recommend coming and visiting just for the wine touring alone!  We have our local favorite wineries, and Jackson Triggs is about a five minute drive from our home as are Silver Sage, Nk’Mip Cellars, Desert Hills Estate Winery, TinHorn Creek and Burrowing Owl Estate Winery just to name a few of my personal favorites.  There are too many to list here, but on the website of the Association is a list of the predominant ones.  I look forward to seeing any of you there who dare to come out and run!