February 22, 2013

Shaking this Creature of Habit

Last postI spoke of shaking up my habits.  I have been doing this with success.  Discovery about myself is that I will get a good thing going, enjoying my labors, hitting that groove. But after a long while I need to just switch it all up.  Winter blahs have been mostly avoided this year; I am running on concrete roads, avoiding the trails where snail's pace is rewuired to keep good traction and cougars wont attack as readily!  This has put my mind at ease and taken the dread off of winter morning runs in the pitch black.  Now, light is beginning to show!  I love the crack of dawn!  Its warming up!  Spring is coming!  This last winter has proven to be a turnign point in my running, I feel more invigorated: I true change from how I felt in the fall after the marathon.  Goal accomplished.  
I guess I write this as an encouragement to those who may feel drudgery.  It is helpful to not quit, but to persevere may mean to change your angle, to find that nugget of joy in your journey again.  This means maybe pursuing healing from injury, getting inspired, pulling back and changing up your routine.