July 16, 2009

The New Joy of Cross Training

With this injury, coming on two weeks now, has forced me to re-imagine my cardio. I haven't been on my bike for workout reasons before. I started this up just to keep me sane. Bingo bongo bango! Loved it. The burn was imenent, having not used my quads or calves quite as intensely. I have a lot to learn in this realm, but I can see how a triathalon might have its appeal. I have a trail bike, though but I was on a trail most of the time of my 1 hour 15 minute ride.
Funny thing, I was told to try to make it to Osoyoos lake, but it was so far, I went way farther than I ever intended. I was wiped after, but felt great. Cross training might need to be the way I get my 4-5 day per week workouts without overuse injury. We will see. Other than that I have one more chiropractor appointment, and I thinkIll be ready to hit the road again. I wonder. Will I have to start cutting my mileage at first, event hoghI have workout this last two weeks? Hmm.

July 12, 2009

This Is My Weak Time...

I hate layoffs in my running. It has now been 7 days. No running. I got some cycling in, but with each day, I feel more sluggish, like I am missing something.
I still have discomfort in my arse, it is ebbing, but still there. I will see how today goes. If I run on an injury, from experience i know it will not be good for getting back on the road regularly. Last time, I did this and could only run 4 blocks before packing it in in frustration and immense pain. It felt like a steel spike with each footfall going into my buttock.
So for now I practice patience, athough patient is not how I feel. Running has taught me patience in new ways. I usually push too fast too soon and pay for it, running has taught me to be patient with my limitations, to work diligently and keep at it. As Dory says..."just keep swiimming, swimming, swimming, just keep swimming...." :(

I found a new love for a tennis ball for self-massage. It has been great to roll my muscles on , although painful, I have felt the muscle release a lot, and icing helps too in healing the inflammation.