December 02, 2014

Still Pounding the Pavement

Im still here!This runner still runs, this runner still works, but this runner is not as driven as he used to be.  No races this year, finishing line for his Master's degree was enough.  Averaging 30 km a week, my routes are  a time of meditation, sans music or tech, to reach within and work out the kinks of the inner life. 
One thing I absolutly love about my time running is the things in nature around me I get to see.   Animals, the seasons changing, steam rising off of the water of the channel, my breath steaming, the beautiful sunrise, it all reminds me of my smallness and my need for self-care and for wonder.  Merry Christmas from this running dude!

May 27, 2014

That Last Push

For the lastyear, I have made my final push for my Master's Degree in Counseling.  This month my name was called and this summer I am completing my last two courses.  Let me say I have never felt so desperate to stop doing something!  The only thing on my mind is the finish line.  I draw every day on the last few km of a marathon.  It is my image, what I refer to, what I meditate on.  You know the agony, the feeling of being spent, longing to just stop running and enjoy the crowd cheering, after throwing up and crying.  HA!  This is my image.  
I have mentally prepared, I would say for this moment as I have run.  I am thankful, as the feeling of discouragement can be so strong. It is just you and the books, the discussions, the papers and the writing. The long haul feels long, but from experience, I know that I have trained, and that pushing forward is so important.
I have not posted much lately, for conservation of my energies is also a part of this journey! I continue to run and will continue to post as I have energy or time.  I am running over 30 km a week right now, and my enjoyment increases in the last year each week. My mileage will crreep up and I think I will sign up for a half-marathon soon.
Now back to my studies!