August 03, 2011

Partner up!

Partners have been few and far between when it comes to my last year of running.  Maybe you are like me and commute pretty far and just cant seem to get together like you use to.  I went on my holiday to beautiful Victoria and my friend Jeremy and I ran four times together during our week there.  Our last was most definitely our most spectacular view-wise! 

What I wanted to note on my contribution today was that with a partner, we made incredible splits, really.  Our time flew by and what I noticed is that I hardly realized we were pushing the tempo.  We made a 4:03 minute km!   I need to keep intentionally getting together with him.  Jeremy, for example, is naturally speedy.  He use to frustrate me when we were first starting out running because I felt like he was always slightly competitive to keep just a bit ahead.  What I have realized is that I am the one who is competitive naturally, he's just freaking faster! It was also great to just do something so cathartic, chat, and enjoy the views on our holiday on foot.
Partners = good. :)

I included some pictures for you to see what we saw.