January 30, 2012

SOWA Half Corked Marathon 2012

Oliver and Osoyooswill be hosting the third annual Halk-Corked Marathon here in he heart of the desert of BC.   This event has sold out within 24 hours of opening, so tickets are hot!  It will meander between 8-12 wineries, sharing the best of fare between wineries and local restaurants.  A pasta meal will also be held that weekend.  Tickets go on sale on February 7th.
Here is the link to the information.  
Its a time to get dressed up, to run a fun and very beautiful terrain amongst the local vineyards and sample Canada's best in wine and hosting.
Here is the link to the ticket sale site with info on packages.

"ANNOUNCEMENT: SOLD OUT IN 3 MIN- We're as surprised as you are!"  For more on this click here.

This is crazy but true.  I have looked at the traffic patterns of my blog and the SOWA Half Corked Marathon has been one of the top viewed blogs, so there is no doubt that it would be popular, but 3 minutes is ALL IT TOOK!!