March 11, 2010

Caffeine is Normal

After three weeks of being off caffeine altogether, I am so excited to say, i am back on the wagon!  NOw, i will be limiting myself, so that I keep my jitters to a minimum, however I think it is a good thing to keep this drink in my life.  Reason one: I feel like I function better with caffeine in me.  I have more motivation, am more intense, I run faster and I feel more alert.  All good.  Too muchof a good thing, of course is a thing to watch, but i am excited to feel back to normal.  I never, ever nap, but whilst off coffee, I found myself srifting off at ludicrously early times.  7 pm, ZZZZZZZZ...  I realize, I need to have a kick here and there.  So cheers to moderate stimulant use.  :D