April 12, 2010

Those Two Seconds COUNT!

CHAD TEIGEN OLIVER M 35-39 00:41:46 06:43:00 04:10:28 19 I stand corrected!  YIPPEE!!  I was 16th overall, 5th in my age category!

April 11, 2010

10 KM time 41:49

41:49It was a good day to run.  The second half had a stiff wind into your face.  I petered out from a strong sub 4 minute km by km 6.  By Km 8 I was feeling a wee bit queezy.  All in all a strong run, I beleive I will need to lose about 8 or so pounds to top a sub 40 minute 10 km race.  My last years race time was 43:40, so that shaves off almost 2 minutes, a good improvement in a year. :)

OLIVER Wine Apital 10Km Race Today

Well, wish me luck!Not sure what my time will be.  I know it will be in the 42 minute area, although I am not sure ow I will feel today, Im pretty nervous as usual, which can work for me.  I have a couple of friends in this race, and probably quite a few colleagues and people I know there.  It is not my favorite route to run in Oliver, as there is a large section near the end 3 km that is all really loose gravel and big rocks mixed in.   

I will post pictures when they come.