December 30, 2009

Run Like Pheobe?

New Year's Eve I dont really celebrate big.  In fact, I find every time I have made an effort to do something fun for it, it is a big disappointment.  The build up, the execution, its all just such a big let down.  I usually like a quiet evening at home the majority of times.  I do let loose occasionally, but even that is laughable to some of you crazy cats!  I find the same with my hobbies and passions.  The big hurrah's are no match to my desire to churn it out day by day and celebrate the little things.  Running accommodates this.  A  goal to race is great, but I cant live only for races.  I feel the celebration is in the personal victories, in my day to day strides.  When its a party of one because of a new PR, or a run with a buddy, life for me reflects the run, its all in the intimacy.  Same is with pursuing health or overcoming obstacles like an injury.  We are dealt a hand.  We are also given much each day.  What do we do with these things?  Do we shrivel?  Do we punish ourselves?  Do we believe there is more available if we just push forward, let loose or let God take control?  Freedom is given to the runner as he/she pushes hard but also listens intently.  I find it interesting how we think freedom is all about doing anything and everything our heart desires.   Like on the show "Friends" when Pheobe shows Rachel how to run, its just all over the place, hilarious to watch.  Ive tried that with a buddy.  Its much harder work, so inefficient!
However, to be truly free in who we are, there are things we need to adhere to to be the best we ought to be.  Running takes an acceptance of a pattern, a discipline, a healing, a resting a striving and a feeding.  It also takes community for perspective and inspiration.  Sound spiritual?  That is intentional.  Run hard!