April 04, 2010

Time Time Time

Have you everjust got a run 'over and done with'?  When your week is overly concentrated with comings and goings and your run is the thing you want so desperately to enjoy, and yet you need to squeeze it uncomfortably between family appointments work and soccer practices it is just the thing you end up either giving up or not enjoying thoroughly.  By the way, I have started my first gig ever as a soccer coach.  5 and 6 year olds, yikes.  One of the joys of running I that I have the energy to start up this kind of challenge without any concern for energy.However,  being a dad and working full time makes running at times a real squeeze.  And yet I know I will regret not running.  I will be more stressed with less relief from it.  So its my job to squeeze it in and its also my job to make the room for the occasional leisurely run with no restrictions.  One thing I have done to do this is get up earlier.  Much earlier.  Now that it is getting lighter out this is more possible.  However, when things are really draining and stressful I want to protect my sleep. So it comes down to priorities and being more in touch with my own energy, life and balanced sense of time.
I will be getting up tomorrow morning to do my 10 k and I will be enjoying it.