September 24, 2009

Taper Tantrums

First time I have been to a sports massage therapist, and it was totally enlightening.  I had to get past the nudity under the blanket, but that was quickly overcome.  I was feeling anxious about my tight piriformis, and its effect on the coming race, so this is what most of the conversation included.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear that most people in training just before the race go through some breakdown.  The therapist calls it Taper Tantrums!  Taper Tantrums refer to the visits frequented by those preparing to race in long races, and because of the intensity peaking just before the race, the body kind of goes into shock, preparing to mend and heal based on the fact that there was breakdown for a long period.  Rest now and recovery is paramount to a good performance.  If the work has been put in, then the race just needs the focus and trust put in as we rest.  Thissettled me, and i was given a clean bill of cautious health for the coming weeks.

September 21, 2009

Why's My Piriformis Always Pickin On Me?

I Had My Last long run on Saturday, it was a 22 km.  About an hour later, I felt my buttock stiffening up, and when stretching it out, I felt "that familiar ache".  I need to take it easy.  Luckily this is my tapering start for the 1/2 marathon coming in October.  I got out my foam roller and began some determined massage and stretching to preemptively nip my muscle before it nips me.  I feel no pain walking or running right now, but if I don't ease off, I know only too well how disappointingly inactive I will be forced to be.  This is considered an overuse injury.  How do I avoid it and amp up my mileage too?  I am looking for answers about this, as it would be my third injury this year.  This year happens to be my most intense training I have ever done with the highest mileage.However, I seem prone to this hip and buttock injury.  No more!!
This foam roller is quite painful to use, but it is supposedly very helpful in releasing tight muscles and moving lactic acid from the areas that need it.  The video on Youtube looks a little funny, but the guy knows how to get to the trigger points effectively. I bought mine through JumpUSA.