August 09, 2010

20 miler, lack of sleep, and dehydration, OH MY!

I had a terrible nights sleep Sunday night.  2 hours approx.  At 5 am I finally got up and prepared for my long run.  Pressing forward, I actually got 33 km in!  That is 20 miles in translation.  I had three packs of Gaterade with me on my fuel belt, but the last 7 km were very difficult as I think I was getting dehydrated. 
I felt like I was doing a little shuffle like Tim Conway by the end.  You know, that old guy character??? HA!
With 20 miles under my belt, I am planning a little pull back by the next couple of weeks, for mini recovery.  Thanks to a couple of encouragements on my readers commentaries.  Thanks!
My hips feel great.
One thing I notice is my stomach muscles, my lower abs ache worse than anything by the end of my run!  I dont know why!
I had a pounding headache afterward for a good 3 hours.  This makes me think I did not have enough fluids.  Ran out, as i lost on of the caps on my fuel belt bottles so I can only bring three with me.  Mental note to get replacement!