October 08, 2011

Marathon Hopes

The nite beforethe big race, we sit in our digs, and we think about the upcoming day. What goes through my head?  Please Lord, don't let me crap my pants. PLEASE.  Also, remembering all the items one needs on a long run while away from home.  Gels, liquids, breakfast, gear, shoes, and whatever comes to my mind.  Bought some chocolate milk for recovery afterwards.
I am hoping for a 3:30 or under race.  I have trained for such a pace. Tomorrow is its own day though.
I hope I enjoy the run as much as I did last year.  It was inspired and I hope to be inspired tomorrow.  My music was an important part of the experience, so a marathon set list was very important. 
On my set list:
Chris Tomlin
Florence and the Machine
Luke Dowler
David Cook
Michael Jackson
Hillsong United
Caedmans Call

Hope the sunshine lasts, it will be great anyhow.  Afterwards, it may be to Costco for lunch with the family.  What do they have for recovery anyhow?  Yipes.  Might need to stop somewhere along the way to lunch.  
Life is good.