December 23, 2011

Winter Running

Winteris my favorite season for most things recreastion wise in the last decade.  Mostly due to having children, I find the beauty is amazing in the Okanagan, really reminding me of winters in Ontario with snow possible each week leading to Christmas.  We got some snow the other day, so I am happy.  One of the reasons I run is that I wanted to be that dad who could keep up with the kiddies to go up the hill several times without dying.  Success! 
I do not, however enjoy slush when running or driving.  Or running NEAR driving.  My asthma can be triggered by the perfect combination of cold and pet hair, or dust, so an inhaler may be needed when winter sets in more often as well.
That being said, a nice crisp morning like I had yesterday, with the breath steamy and the snow crunching underfoot, makes me be in wonder.  I love the winter scene, it is Christmastime to me.

Merry Christmas and happy running.