October 01, 2011

Goodbye, Toenail

Good bye toenail.Hello Marathon! Next week is my marathon in Kelowna, my second.  I am hoping for a sub 3:30:00 time.  Today felt fantastic!  completed 20 km in 1:35, kept getting under a 4:45 km, which was impossible in the last month.  Guess my legs are recovering nicely. :)

September 29, 2011

Kelowna Marathon Taper

I am so relieved!My taper has begun! I have not been so happy to reduce my distances.  NO injuries to report, I have been very careful to keep my stride in check rather then overextending myself.  My Marathon is on October 9th, Canada's Thanksgiving Sunday.
This year has been a whilrwind of time consuming activity.  I commute 1.5 hours each way to work for a total of about 1200 km each day.  This is about 800 miles. I have had friends and family tell me about their long commutes.  IT changes everything.  When I get up, how energetic I feel, whether the run will be interesting or dark, it all factors in.  All you commuters out there, stick to it!  It is worth it even if it feels like just another activity!  Get up a half hour early, just get in a 5 k.  DOn't worry if you need to cut it short because you couldn't find a clean pair of socks fast enough!
I have stuck to it and and even signed up to the Kelowna full marathon.  I am glad I forced myself to do it.  I am VERY happy the taper has begun.  Saturdays have been the only time I did not need to get up, so 3 plus hour long runs are happily exchanged for shorter runs.
I am aiming to beat my time from last year of 3:27:57.  My last longer run was 3:07 for 38 km.  We will see!