March 05, 2011

Watching The Weak Points From Speedwork

Yesterday'shill repeats, I'm feeling them where it usually trips me up, right in the gluteus medius.or minimus (its hard to distinguish, one being on top of the other). (thats what she said) :)
Yup my arse.  As usual, from my hip down into the lower part of my buttock is sore.  I need to keep an eye on this as it has tripped me up in the past and I have had a good stint about a year now of injury free running.  If I could only have the buttocks of an adonis.  But sadly, I have my father's arse.  which is to say, I dont have much of one.  Area of weakness.
What's more, is working on core strength will in the long run help me find proper form when i am maxed out and feeling tired.  Form tends to get lost first, and injury follows.  More to come.
On another note, I had to take a break from running for a few days this week as my left calf was extremely DOS (Delayed Onset Soreness).  Trying to wrack my brains as to what could have caused this, I realized on Monday morning I was sitting on the couch and got up with a numb lower leg, it was comical and strange as I tried to walk on my left leg and it kept giving out like a weird robot movement.  Next day:  Extremely sitff and sore calf muscle!  It was after a run so my theory is cutting off blood flow to that muscle on the couch created some sort of soreness akin to doing calf raises to the max.  OUCH.  and weird.

March 04, 2011

Hill Hell

Did the dreaded hills. Accomplished good times, but still hated hem with much vigor.  For those who desire, you may follow my prgress to a sub 40 10 k goal on  Here is my link:
It was not as frosty this morning which is nicer on the lungs and face.
For those who may not have noticed, I have added a vlog on the page (upper left corner) to introduce myself, more to come I hope in the future, thought it is nice to match a face with the blog and to check that I am not just some couch potato (that was the old me!) pretending and stealing other people's photos!
In all today it was a short but intense run.  Did I mention I hate hills? :P