June 14, 2010

Close Encounters of the Runner Kind

Adventure of the day:So I am running this morning and am trying to make good time, although feeling easily winded, and speaking of wind there is a head wind which is just enough to make me feel like I am fighting a bit.  Rounding a corner, a car which was not on the road, seemed to be pulling over about 20 feet from where I was running and heading straight for me makes my heart stop!  I throw my hands out to motion HEY THERE! STOP!  Almost got clocked.
I keep running and and as I round my 14th km mark of 15, I hear a starling screech and see a black starling swooping over the paved hike and bike trail.  I vaguely think of my friend Rita, who is deathly afraid of birds and think would that not be wierd to have a bird attack you!  Never had that happen before.
Next moment I realize this bird is a little too close for comfort, it is swooping closer and close making not one, not two, but THREE close dive bombs at me,( like within 5 feet of me) and screaching loudly.  It actually made me cry out twice in suprise! AHHH!
Was not sure why it was doing so, considering it is a popular trail and so its nest should not be logically anywhere near this trail.  My heart did jump though.  By the third time, I was getting annoyed.  How long was this going to go on????!
Well, I survived to tell the tale.
Had any adventures lately you care to share about?  Drop me a line!