June 14, 2010

Close Encounters of the Runner Kind

Adventure of the day:So I am running this morning and am trying to make good time, although feeling easily winded, and speaking of wind there is a head wind which is just enough to make me feel like I am fighting a bit.  Rounding a corner, a car which was not on the road, seemed to be pulling over about 20 feet from where I was running and heading straight for me makes my heart stop!  I throw my hands out to motion HEY THERE! STOP!  Almost got clocked.
I keep running and and as I round my 14th km mark of 15, I hear a starling screech and see a black starling swooping over the paved hike and bike trail.  I vaguely think of my friend Rita, who is deathly afraid of birds and think would that not be wierd to have a bird attack you!  Never had that happen before.
Next moment I realize this bird is a little too close for comfort, it is swooping closer and close making not one, not two, but THREE close dive bombs at me,( like within 5 feet of me) and screaching loudly.  It actually made me cry out twice in suprise! AHHH!
Was not sure why it was doing so, considering it is a popular trail and so its nest should not be logically anywhere near this trail.  My heart did jump though.  By the third time, I was getting annoyed.  How long was this going to go on????!
Well, I survived to tell the tale.
Had any adventures lately you care to share about?  Drop me a line!


Kenley said...

Good thing you didn't get clocked by the car. Sounds like an annoying bird. Today, I went to an old new place to run @ wild wood lake park, and I have to watch out or else I will step on a chipmunk that keeps scampering in front of me for about a minute long. A snake slithered in front of me. Saw 2 turtles crossing the path. Rabbits were jumping all around............but not one single bird attack.

Chad said...

Wow, you are like some running Dr Dolittle !
Sounds like a safari!
I like it when my outings are a little adventurous!

Anne said...

Sounds like a pretty adventurous run...nothing much to report over here in the burbs :)

Chad said...

HEy Anne!
Well, I know for a fact that there are creature lurking there too...I live in a quiet town but there are scavengers and vermon all around you!
Just keep out an eye and let me know. Hopefully none of them attack though...! HA!

Kenley said...

Dr. Doolittle? Hahahah. you crack me up man. I was at work when I read your comment, and it made me smile all night long. Thanks for that. lol

Chad said...

"If I could talk with the animals... *_* ."

The Thief said...

I had that happen with a truck one morning - it just came closer and closer and I finally ended up jumping down into the ditch, yelling something (probably intelligible).

A few miles later, I sensed someone coming up behind slowly... I looked back and it was the same truck. Adrenaline surging, I turned to see if he was spoiling for a fight... and he had come back to apologize. He hadn't seen me until he saw me jump for safety, and he felt horrible. He was shaking - it had affected him worse than me!

Chad said...

Great story! I think the car was pulling over and didnt see me on the shoulder there.
That damned bird has swooped at me very day I have run this week. I have resorted to making 'cat hisses' at it to intimidate it. Doesnt work.