June 21, 2010

Chiropractor Visitation

Well, I am going beforemy medical benefits run out next week to my chiropractor.  He  is a good guy. But he will most likely cause me pain today.    And I will hate him for a short time And then he will hint strongly that my running will produce scar tissue from multiple injury.  But the thing is, I am not injured, I am trying to prevent this.  My hip pain and tenderness continues, but it has held out as just that, not getting any worse.  I am finally letting my body try to just recoup so that I can tackle my Skaha lake loop dream for the summer.

UPDATE: June 22
Went yesterday after work and got a green light from my friend the chiro.  He was pleased with my exterior rotators (I have previously posted some of the stretches I have been trying to loosen up).  Also the stiffness was tight in a slightly different area, VERY PAINFUL spots where he drive his elbow in and made me shine in sweat.  However, I am still able to run!  This means I am taking care in a preventative rather than reactive way, which was my goal.


Jenni said...

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David Freese said...

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