February 15, 2010

Olympic Fever!

The Olympiansof the 2010 games have hooked me on an emotional rollercoaster!  I think it is partly due to my own involvment in  long distance sport.  Speed skating for example at the 5000 meter length, I actually relate now to the anticipation, staying in the moment and of all the training required for this calibre of sport.  I am glued!!!  CBC has done a terrific job of broadcasting a very personal story of these games.
I have found myself for  the first time in my life welling up with tears as athletes a rewarded or disappointed.  I think of Kristi Richards from Summerland BC, a place I work in, who fell during the women's moguls.  Or our Euphoric first gold for our Men's mogul event from Alexandre Bilodeau.  I feel so anxious watching the short track speed skating, where one slip, as the Korean atheletes went through on the last stretch took them out of contending for the podium.
I relate to the jitters they must have to fight, the elements of the day which may throw their time, their psyche off, such as the tragedy of the luge accident in which   Nodar Kumaritashvili lost his life.  Or the swift change in weather, which is a day to day, moment to moment thing winter athletes must contend with anywhere in the world.  This is where all that hard training, the commitment comes down to the moment, the last second decisions and the instinct ingrained int hose who must up their ante like never before to strive to be better.
How inspiring!  How thrilling!  I officially an Olympic sucker.  Go Team Canada!