June 04, 2010

Big Shout Out!

If you aregiving this site a first glance or coming back for more and more, I would love to hear from you!! I know you are out there as I have a little map on this site that tlels me youve dropped by!!!  Dont tease!!
Please feel free to drop a note on my blog and let me know where you are surfing from , what kind of runner you are, etc.  Im very excited to see the variety of places people are from and how diverse they you are in backgrounds.
Also, I am on http://www.dailymile.com/  and look me up!  I would love a few more dailymile friends!

So, along with where are you from;
1.  How long have you been running?
2.  What goals do you have this year in running?


June 01, 2010

Mystery Couch Potato to Fit Challenger!

A person I knowis throwing down a gauntlet in his life.  I'm quoting him.  "but I feel like a fat old guy... and I am only 33!"

Q: Why are you taking up running?

  • I would love to play beginners hockey  ...but I'm too fat

  • I would love to own a bike and ride     ...but I'm too fat

These are the things he thinks about when he looks at getting active.  His limitations.  Even more serious are some health issues that have  him concerned, including some concerning high blood pressure.  Left unchecked with no changes, they can lead to crisis, which he has family history of.  He describes his new found fear of pushing himself too hard too soon for fear that his heart wont take it.  He is in his early 30's.
Q: Are you following any plan?  I have a great plan for those who would like to get going  without the newbie fizzle burnout.
No, no plan other than to run everyday, taking breaks when I feel I need to. 

So some changes are in order.  This mystery man declared to me the other day that he started running.  He has run on and off previously, but this is more than shedding a few pounds.  His goal is to get to 175 lbs.  He is currently 215 lbs. 

Can he do this?  Can he make the commitment?  Can he sweat his way to leaner life for living sake? 

Change takes getting out there, being patient, and finding joy in the process as you transform.  With God's help and strength he gave us, we can accomplish anything.

We will be following this Mystery Challenger as he progresses to his new transformation for sure.  I am impressed that he has already taken steps towards a healthier self.  Way to go!

Note about making changes:
My father is an inspiration to me.  He bought himself almost another decade of life due to the changes he made, he gave my eldest two children memories with grandpa they will forever remember because he didnt let up, he got out there, he asked God for help to transform his body from helpless to hopeful. 
When health problems arise due to inactivity and unhealthfully coping with stress, its time to wake up.  Its time to make those changes and realize you need to grow, to be committed to living actively and to teaching through example. 
I see my mystery couch potato - turned active runner as at these crossroads, and choosing life! 

Here is a simple plan that lasts 10 weeks and eases you into running, and if you are like me, makes you slow down and develop what you unlitmately need: PATIENCE!!! 

Your 10-Week Training Plan (As taken from runnersworld.com)

May 30, 2010

ITB Sore Hip

I have a very sore  left hip.  I am using my learned stretches and its the ITB stretches that cause the most discomfort.  The figure four and the standing hip jut seems to hit it right where its sore.  It hasnt affected my running as of yet, but i need to keep on top of this soreness.  It is very annoying because I am doing what I know is right but still have just the sorest hip.  My long runs are probably the culprit, but I don't want to give them up, so I wont.  Ill just keep stretching, and probably icing would help a lot.  But I am a bit lazy when it comes to icing.  I don't like doing it.  My foam roller is still in storage too, which I know will help.  I am pushing my long runs today to 26 km, too.  So we will see.  I will have an ice bath (or close to it) tonite after my long run.