May 30, 2010

ITB Sore Hip

I have a very sore  left hip.  I am using my learned stretches and its the ITB stretches that cause the most discomfort.  The figure four and the standing hip jut seems to hit it right where its sore.  It hasnt affected my running as of yet, but i need to keep on top of this soreness.  It is very annoying because I am doing what I know is right but still have just the sorest hip.  My long runs are probably the culprit, but I don't want to give them up, so I wont.  Ill just keep stretching, and probably icing would help a lot.  But I am a bit lazy when it comes to icing.  I don't like doing it.  My foam roller is still in storage too, which I know will help.  I am pushing my long runs today to 26 km, too.  So we will see.  I will have an ice bath (or close to it) tonite after my long run.


Kenley said...

Hope you can conquer this hip problem. Seems you are doing what you can to try and derail the problem. Have you been to a sports doc to seek any advise? Way to go on sticking to your long runs, I just don't hope they make the problem worse.

Chad said...

NO actually it was better yesterday. I think its just my ITB, those stretches are helping. I took her easy this am for recovery sake.
Cheers, Kenley!

Chad said...

Actually, I just heard from my chirpractor that its my gluteus minimus again disguising itself as ITB. Back to stretching icing and massaging!