February 23, 2010


I'm off Coffee.That's right.  I'm off.  I have never had an attempt to go off caffeine be so paiinful before.  What is prompting it?  Well, I am giving it up for personal reasons, but I am definately realizing the grip it had on me.  I had a headache for 4 daysof the last week.  I have been yawning uncontrollably throughout my work day.  Making Sentances Sucks.  And then there are my runs.  Even my runs are feeling it.  My energy level is stabilizing, but I know my energy has been low for the last week.
I have been going a tad overboard on coffee for along while.  two Venti sized strong coffees before even showing up for work, then a few more to get me through the day.  I rely on it to get myself amped up for the presentations I do for classes.  I teach drug and alcohol awareness.  People get the caffinated me.  Well the last week they have suffered through the Ferris Bueller teacher me "Bueller....Bueller." 
I am resetting my body.  I am hoping to make it through the next while without.  My brain is not pounding anymore and I feel much much less anxious about things.
Runs, I am hoping will be improved with time off the caffeine.  Morning runs will be more difficult, but I will make it work for now.  Anyone else drink too much of a great thing?

February 22, 2010

Cougar Too Close To Home!

What was I doingat 6 am on Thursday last week?  I was running.  Just finishing a run, actually, rounding the last bit of my short run.  What was a cougar doing right near where I was running?  KILLING a deer!  I am talking probably 100 feet from me.  The weird thing is that I had talked about the cougar later at about 630 am about were it might be, what they eat etc.  YIKES!  Little did I know how close that cat was to me. My moms firend spotted it right below her house.  I still think it probably wouldn't attack me as a running, but would that be just the way it goes to have me be the first one?  I am glad the days are getting longer so Ican keep running in the mornings.