February 17, 2018

Baldy Half Marathon and Festive of the Grape

First Annual Baldy Half MarathonI came in 4th in the male category. I really enjoyed it, and I got access to the Festive of the Grape in Oliver BC.here is the local paper’s coverage the race was flat along our scenic channel trail, and it was very small, so very intimate and personal with the staff and organizers. Got to take in the grape stomping competition after and a bit of food too! What a great way to get back into racing. I enjoyed it immensely! Rick Mercer came to cover the festival for a segment on his show the “rick mercer report”. I can be seen in the crowd behind him when he is talking to the camera! Very fun.

Mindfulness, meditation, and mental health

Mental healthis my bag. I talk it all the time. I have posted how I talk to the Big Guy, Creator, before when out on runs. In the last couple years though, I have been conscious of how crowded my mind is with worries, with strong emotions, with thoughts I cannot shake. I would be on a run and realize most of it was churning in my head. I would be so busy I felt like I couldn’t fully capture the joix de vivre I use to. The run was still helpful, don’t get me wrong! I just noticed this and realized a running Man who works as a therapist needed to work on his mental health more intentionally.
A simple thing I do for the last while is to stop midway and walk.  I took on a simple practice of mindfulness. Here is how it goes.
1. Stop
2. Breathe through my belly
3. Look around, notice surroundings what can I see, hear, smell, touch, even taste? 
4. Notice how your legs feel. Stand firmly and notice the large globe under your feet.
5. What am I feeling? Don’t judge anything you note. notice breathe.
6. As you resume, note this very moment, you are alive, healthy, breathing Creation.

That is it.  Being more present I the moment is a habit for anyone. When I get caught up in people’s problems, unsolvable dilemmas, heart ache, regrets or worries, I am not being mindful, and this is exhausting work. It leads me to lower mood and crankiness. I can stop and run mindfully to help get connected again.  
I’d love to hear any other tips or practices you may have. I also have learned much through a yoga group I have been part of at work with clients around being “mindful” versus being “mind full”.

February 11, 2018

running to keep ahead

It’s incredible!  I am 44 now and haven’t given up running the good race.
I raced the first inaugural “Baldy Half Marathon” here in Oliver B.C. this fall. More on that race next blog! My running regime has softened and I run now for reasons I didn’t before.  I think I now run because I want to age well. want to run now because I want to keep ahead and be able to do all the things in my life that I am determined to do.  For example, I went skiing last week and plan to do a bit more. This was the first time in 10 years that I hit the slopes. Running makes that a reality for me :-). On another front, research shows that as you age into your 50s and 60s, and beyond, that your agility, stamina,  sex life, overall health, all retain vital youthful vigor. Who doesn’t like that? But it starts now. It starts here . It starts in the morning when I don’t feel like getting up to go for a run. So I get up, and when I’m out I see things I never would’ve before, I sort things out in my head, I plan for my week,  and I go out with my kids, I dream up vacations, and I know I would be able to do those things because I am in the shape that I want to be. Marathons aren’t quite high on my priority list anymore. PR you no longer that important. Fitting in my jeans  and my shirts are still high priority! I do admit to having a “dad bod”; I’m proud of what I have been given in good health. I have fought for it!

As I age, I note my priorities shift I’m now thinking about maintenance rather than forging into new horizons, I think more about how to maintain the good things and still have wiggle room for new dreams. My prayers and my worship still happen on the road. Mostly without headphones! To be honest, I eat too much.  I could stand to lose about 20 pounds I believe. This year I’m going to try to up my mileage in order to achieve that and reduce my intake go to more appropriate servings and treats. The kids are getting older, my wife began a new career journey, and this last few months has been quite busy. Running is still my priority about 3 to 4 times a week, sometimes more. I will likely try and half marathon again this year and see where that takes me possibly a full marathon again just to conquer that beast one last time. Cheers!

December 02, 2014

Still Pounding the Pavement

Im still here!This runner still runs, this runner still works, but this runner is not as driven as he used to be.  No races this year, finishing line for his Master's degree was enough.  Averaging 30 km a week, my routes are  a time of meditation, sans music or tech, to reach within and work out the kinks of the inner life. 
One thing I absolutly love about my time running is the things in nature around me I get to see.   Animals, the seasons changing, steam rising off of the water of the channel, my breath steaming, the beautiful sunrise, it all reminds me of my smallness and my need for self-care and for wonder.  Merry Christmas from this running dude!

May 27, 2014

That Last Push

For the lastyear, I have made my final push for my Master's Degree in Counseling.  This month my name was called and this summer I am completing my last two courses.  Let me say I have never felt so desperate to stop doing something!  The only thing on my mind is the finish line.  I draw every day on the last few km of a marathon.  It is my image, what I refer to, what I meditate on.  You know the agony, the feeling of being spent, longing to just stop running and enjoy the crowd cheering, after throwing up and crying.  HA!  This is my image.  
I have mentally prepared, I would say for this moment as I have run.  I am thankful, as the feeling of discouragement can be so strong. It is just you and the books, the discussions, the papers and the writing. The long haul feels long, but from experience, I know that I have trained, and that pushing forward is so important.
I have not posted much lately, for conservation of my energies is also a part of this journey! I continue to run and will continue to post as I have energy or time.  I am running over 30 km a week right now, and my enjoyment increases in the last year each week. My mileage will crreep up and I think I will sign up for a half-marathon soon.
Now back to my studies!