February 12, 2011

REST is the BEST

There is a differencebetween being a lay-about and truly resting.   Sometimes when life is getting too crazy and demanding, its tough to get your butt out the door for a long time sweating and panting, changing and showering.  I am having that kind of stretch.  What I do know however, that in the long run (pun?  oopsy!) it is going to pay off in many worthy ways.  
That is not how it always works in the payoff department however.  For example, if I have been sleep deprived, I can not preform ideally.  Getting a good nights sleep is paramount to a focussed mind, a regenerated body and a primed recoup from the previous day.  I have gone out for runs in a unrested state and noticed my energy levels have little reserve.

Does this mean I skip whenever I feel tired?  Nope.  It does mean that I may alter my running regime.  A long run may turn to half that mileage.  My intensity may need to back off to a recovery pace.

Rest does not mean stillness on all accounts.  Just as an injury can call for some change up in what discipline a person uses, rest can mean perhaps switching how the running looks.  Being a driven person on many accounts, this can be very difficult.  It can represent a threat to the big plan.  However, looking at it form the perspective of staying on the plan long term rather than burning out or being injured, rest can take on a longevity dose!

So , if your schedule is taking it out of you, back off a bit, go for a easy run with  a friend, cross train, or even take a full rest and sleep in.  Your big plan will still be achieved if you think of it as a part of your investment! 
Happy running!

February 07, 2011

First marathonsbring about something very unique in a man.  I saw what I was made of.  This winter I have had to reenvision why I run.  This happens after accomplishing something so monumental in your life.  What is next?  What else can I do?  Not hard to come up with reasons why I run but with the way i felt the months after my first marathon I had to dig deep!  Weariness hit me and my longer commute made runs problematic.  My runs have been slower than they have been in a while.

I am looking at speed next.  I have another 10 k in April.  This will be  my third, as I still have yet to get under 40 minutes, however when i try to work on speed, inevitably I get injured.  So next I will be looking at speed work without the incapacitation.  BLech.  To be honest, I hate speedwork.  The anaerobic state is one that makes my poor bod break down.  I have a harder time conquering time.  This is something I can try for the next few months.
UNDALAY!  Ariba!
We'll see...

UPDATE:  Did my first speed workout this morning.   Hill repeats.  Best of my hill was 37 seconds, normally it takes me around 45 seconds.  Repeat 6 times after a 2.5 k ish run.  25 minute workout total.  I did not thoroughly enjoy them.  Asthma was a struggle today too.  Im glad i started up  speed work and this blog helped my arse in gear.