June 01, 2010

Mystery Couch Potato to Fit Challenger!

A person I knowis throwing down a gauntlet in his life.  I'm quoting him.  "but I feel like a fat old guy... and I am only 33!"

Q: Why are you taking up running?

  • I would love to play beginners hockey  ...but I'm too fat

  • I would love to own a bike and ride     ...but I'm too fat

These are the things he thinks about when he looks at getting active.  His limitations.  Even more serious are some health issues that have  him concerned, including some concerning high blood pressure.  Left unchecked with no changes, they can lead to crisis, which he has family history of.  He describes his new found fear of pushing himself too hard too soon for fear that his heart wont take it.  He is in his early 30's.
Q: Are you following any plan?  I have a great plan for those who would like to get going  without the newbie fizzle burnout.
No, no plan other than to run everyday, taking breaks when I feel I need to. 

So some changes are in order.  This mystery man declared to me the other day that he started running.  He has run on and off previously, but this is more than shedding a few pounds.  His goal is to get to 175 lbs.  He is currently 215 lbs. 

Can he do this?  Can he make the commitment?  Can he sweat his way to leaner life for living sake? 

Change takes getting out there, being patient, and finding joy in the process as you transform.  With God's help and strength he gave us, we can accomplish anything.

We will be following this Mystery Challenger as he progresses to his new transformation for sure.  I am impressed that he has already taken steps towards a healthier self.  Way to go!

Note about making changes:
My father is an inspiration to me.  He bought himself almost another decade of life due to the changes he made, he gave my eldest two children memories with grandpa they will forever remember because he didnt let up, he got out there, he asked God for help to transform his body from helpless to hopeful. 
When health problems arise due to inactivity and unhealthfully coping with stress, its time to wake up.  Its time to make those changes and realize you need to grow, to be committed to living actively and to teaching through example. 
I see my mystery couch potato - turned active runner as at these crossroads, and choosing life! 

Here is a simple plan that lasts 10 weeks and eases you into running, and if you are like me, makes you slow down and develop what you unlitmately need: PATIENCE!!! 

Your 10-Week Training Plan (As taken from runnersworld.com)

The following running schedule was created by Budd Coates, Health Promotions Manager at Rodale Inc., who instructs a corporate beginning running program. Coates has taken nonrunners and, in 10 weeks, helped them reach their goal of running the 3.5-mile Chase Corporate Challenge.

Before you start with this schedule, get your legs ready with eight days of walking: walk for 20 minutes a day for the first four days, then increase to 30 minutes a day for four more days. Now you're ready to begin with week 1.

Each week of the program, do your run/walk workouts on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, and take Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday off.


Week 1
Run 2 minutes,
walk 4 minutes.
Repeat 5 times.

Week 2
Run 3 minutes,
walk 3 minutes.
Repeat five times.

Week 3
Run 5 minutes,
walk 2.5 minutes.
Repeat four times.

Week 4
Run 7 minutes,
walk 3 minutes.
Repeat three times.

Week 5
Run 8 minutes,
walk 2 minutes.
Repeat three times.

Week 6
Run 9 minutes,
walk 2 minutes.
Repeat twice, then
run 8 minutes.

Week 7
Run 9 minutes,
walk 1 minute.
Repeat three times

Week 8
Run 13 minutes,
walk 2 minutes.
Repeat twice.

Week 9
Run 14 minutes,
walk 1 minute.
Repeat twice.

Week 10
Run 30 minutes.
Note: After completing week 9, if you feel tired, repeat this week of training before moving on to week 10.


Kenley said...

Great post as this lies personal with me and how I was 2 years ago at 245 pounds. My goal weight is about 175 and almost there at 188 now. Time flies and the weight sheds when you are on a mission. You are right in saying that a lot of new runners limit themselves with boundaries. It is time to get over it. Thanks a lot for sharing this. It means a lot as it reminds me of what I was and where I am now. God Bless you man!

Chad said...

HEy Kenley.

I was watching the lady from the biggest loser show yesterday yelling at a family. That is not my style, but i def liked what she was saying, choosing life is this hue struggle within. There are barriers we put up and lots of emotional and spiritual junk in our heads that gets us in ruts which we need help to get out of. Im excited to see where this takes my mystery friend.

Chad said...

BTW way to go on your transformation! Now that you are nearest to the goal than ever, have you thought of where to go from there? That was a challenge for me to get that piece.

Kenley said...

Yes, I have thought of where to go from this point on. I plan to do my first half and full marathon this year. I know I can do the half with out walking, but I want to do the marathon for personal reasons even if I have to do a run/walk sort of thing. Next year, after further training, I will do it again. I want to become faster and faster. I know I CAN do it. Soon, 3-4 years or whenever, I want to do a sub3 marathon with hard work and support from my wife. My parents never supported me in high school and even now, they change the subject when I talk about running, thats if we even talk. I am doing this for me, and my accomplishments with the help of hard training and God giving me the strength to go on.