August 09, 2010

20 miler, lack of sleep, and dehydration, OH MY!

I had a terrible nights sleep Sunday night.  2 hours approx.  At 5 am I finally got up and prepared for my long run.  Pressing forward, I actually got 33 km in!  That is 20 miles in translation.  I had three packs of Gaterade with me on my fuel belt, but the last 7 km were very difficult as I think I was getting dehydrated. 
I felt like I was doing a little shuffle like Tim Conway by the end.  You know, that old guy character??? HA!
With 20 miles under my belt, I am planning a little pull back by the next couple of weeks, for mini recovery.  Thanks to a couple of encouragements on my readers commentaries.  Thanks!
My hips feel great.
One thing I notice is my stomach muscles, my lower abs ache worse than anything by the end of my run!  I dont know why!
I had a pounding headache afterward for a good 3 hours.  This makes me think I did not have enough fluids.  Ran out, as i lost on of the caps on my fuel belt bottles so I can only bring three with me.  Mental note to get replacement!


The Thief/Rev. Run said...

The headache was definitely dehydration. That happened to me when I ran my 16 miler. I ran 20 on Sunday morning before church. It was fantastic. I ran a 2.5 mile (one way) course, leaving water at my car and having a water fountain at the 2 mile point, so I got plenty of fluids. And i ate Gu chomps every time I hit the car.

I was up late Saturday night, but didn't get as little sleep as you got (5 hours).

Still, you DID it!

Chad said...

too true! thanks for that. Love that I am not a total moron. :)

Kenley said...

Chad, Congrats on your 20 miles. I tried the fuel belt for a practice 10 miler and ended up tossing it. I prefer the camelbak for my long runs. Something about stuff hanging at my waist. Every time I do a long miler, my lower abs ache a little, I think from the way I use my core to try and get through all the miles. When you are trying to finish, you use whatever you can to get it done. Better luck on the sleep thing next time. Way to go.

Chad said...

You tossed it?? I love it cuz its so non-cumbersome. Just need to get another replacement bottle as I only have three right now.