March 23, 2010

Music Plug: U2's Artificial Horizon

No Line On the Horizonis a pretty good album, and I listen to it on my ipod on my runs.  I have just recently however, aquired a new album from them, its called "Artificial Horizon" and is the remix versions of songs like "Get On Your Boots", "Elevation", and "Ill Go Crazy If I Dont Go Crazy Tonite" are intensely driving and keep my pace quick.  Great album for running too for sure.  I would like to hear any other albums you listen to to keep motivated, keep your pace intense or just like to hear.  Look it up to order here.


Kenley said...

Thanks for sharing the latest from U2. Fortunately, there are a lot of good Christian bands now that perform an array of upbeat tempo'd songs. One of those bands that I currently listen to are Red. One such song from them is called "Lost in You". From your response in the latest post, I will keep you in my prayers as you face such trials. If you would add me to your prayer list as well, for the weight loss and injury free running. I just did 16 km for my longest run and felt ok. I just posted an article on some of my future plans on my site. Take care, God Bless!

Chad said...

HEy thanks kenley. I would argue that U2 is a Christian band, just not religious. :) I get lifted up at their concerts moreso than most worship services!
I also recommend Matt Redmans latest album for uptempo running music. Great to run to.