June 01, 2011

Music Schmuzic

Who needs all that noise anyhow? Lately, I have been without anything to listen to. Having spent an inordinate amount of time on the road, traveling, relying on my music to keep my mind alert, as I trek to work I have neglected to use anything whilst running. With so much alone time, I need to feel like I have different modes of travel: music, silence, talkative, whatever.  Silence while running keeps my mind wandering, focusing on my pace and my breathing. My mind more immediately goes to prayer and to sorting things in my day out.  It also keeps me alert to my surroundings. 
I often have a song in my head repeating itself. Why is Lady Gaga there so much? It must be the tempo of my foot falls.
My daughter's ipod has been misplaced as well, and my ipod is not reliable. Do I miss it? Not lately, but I will.
I have a tendency to get into a familiar routine and when it works, I will wear it obsessively into the ground until I know it inside and out. Occasionally I need a refreshing from this, keeps things interesting.
Lately I have forged a new route, I call it the black sage route and it is 15 k plus some change. Im going the opposite dirention to the normal 10 k or 13 k routes I have in my repertoire, but with my longer commute, it keeps my mileage up to a decent amount.
Do any other runners do the OCD thing and then change it up like me?

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