June 06, 2011

Goodbye, Dear Ipod, Hello New Friend

She ran with me, drove long distances with me, sat in traffic jams with me, sang to me, read to me, made me laugh, made me cry.  My friend, my ipod.  She worked until her dying days.  Some cold winter runs, she would go as long as she could but she would fall asleep half way out.  Bless her.  In her glory days, she would last for hours singing to me, talking into my ears.  Reading me stories of Harry Potter, of Hobbits, and of messages I needed to hear.
She is going to a better place.

On another note.  There is a new lady in my life.  Her name is Nano.  She has less memory (16 Gb versus the 30 of her predecessor), but overall will make me happy.  She will have a good life, and she will be with me for many a day. 
Goodbye dear friend, hello sweet new thang!


Kenley said...

Sweet. RIP. For Christmas my wife got me a nano, but its the small small little square one. I love it. clips right on and off I go. Hope all is well man, and enjoy your new "thang".

Chad said...

Hey Kenley! So I looked at the little guy, but i went looking for the older bigger one because knowing me, I would leave it in a pocket and wash it. I like the video feature too, so portable for video blogging and memory making. I also like having the other features on it. I do like my little friend.